Maestro Mayhem

Reading Update
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Wow. Just wow. This Pulitzer-winning novel kept me enthralled for over 500 pages. It was also one of my TBR Challenge books. I’ll be reading Eudenides’ novel The Virgin Suicides in the near future!
Cast On, Bets Off by Jack Olesker. I know, I just picked it up Saturday, but I was curious. It’s about yarn store owners Max and Lisa, who are deputized by Max’s brother to help solve a murder. It seemed a wee bit overdone at times, but I think that might just be because I read it right after Middlesex… It’ll be interesting to see how the characters develop in the next book. The Yarn Harlot has a tiny spot in the book, which was very fun to read. Strangely, as I was reading it, May walked up and ate part of the front cover while I gaped at her! That’s an unpleasant new development in the her ongoing snacking on household items project.

Speaking of May, I shall momentarily distract you with cute pictures of her, since I got nothin’ else. I’m nearly done with the toddler dress – just a bazillion ends to weave in. And I’m working on a secret project, which we all know is bad for the blog, but necessary for the life. 🙂

“A little more from the bassoon section, please! Let’s take it from the top, people!!” -M

“Bright. Stripey.” -M

“Big kitty! Help! My paws are transparent!! I’m meeeeelllllllltttttttttting!!” -M