A message from Chaos

“Waaaah! Mom had to work really late last night de-worming computers and I had to wait and wait and wait for my dinner! I was getting really worried about her, because if she never came home, I would have to catch and eat May, and she’s pretty speedy. And also very furry and wiggly and squeaky. Plus I guess I’ve gotten kind of fond of May. Oh, Mom said to tell everyone that she’s taking her iron and multivitamins and feeling a bit better and she hopes to catch up on bloglines over the weekend, whatever that means… Mom also said to tell everyone that Fraro’s surgery went well! Do you think the vet was at Mom’s work to help de-worm the computers?”

58 thoughts on “A message from Chaos”

  1. Oh Chaos having to wait for your dinner is just no fair! I wish I would have known I would have drove from St. Louis to MN to give you food, but then it probably would have taken longer then your mom’s deworming of the computers.

    I hope she didn’t bring home any worms to you.

  2. I made a baby blanket with the plait woven basket stitch ( not the weave) 40 years ago and lost the pattern. I have been searching all the time for someone who knew the name of the stitch and to get a pattern since I would like to make more of them. A friend came today and was able to figure out the pattern but we can’t find any baby blanket patterns. Do you know of any ?

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