Now he is six*

Happy sixth birthday, Chaos Kitty! You’ve changed a lot…

and yet not so very much. (Still has that intensity, doesn’t he?)

“Whatever, Mom. Is this the year I’ll finally get tuna cake with ‘nip frosting?” -Chaos

And now for a few random pictures from his early days… Here he is with mom Riley and brother Diablo (and my foot).

Can you see his wee paw, helpfully circled in purple?!

Is it any wonder that one of his nicknames has always been “Clawboy”?

For more Chaotic history (and kitten pictures!), go read The story of the cat formerly known as “Hoho.”

*With apologies to A.A. Milne this time.

Oh, yeah, it is my first day back at work since, um, September 9. I’m sure it’ll be a shock to this system.

52 thoughts on “Now he is six*”

  1. Capt. Jack & Ms. Kitty wish Chaos a very Happy Purrrthday! (er.. birthday) They also said that if he gets tuna cake that they’ll be right up to help eat it…

  2. Very Happy Birthday Wishes to Chaos:) Does he get to celebrate his “adoptiversary” too? Shelli’s birthday is 3/30 and her adoptiversary is 6/2, so she gets two birthdays…twice the treats!!!

  3. Well – now you’ve made me dig out my milne for Chaos:

    In The Fashion
    A lion (Chaos!) has a tail and a very fine tail,
    And so has an elephant, and so has a whale,
    And so has a crocodile, and so has a quail-
    They’ve all got tails but me.

    If I had sixpence I would buy one;
    I’d say to the shopman, “Let me try one”;
    I’d say to the elephant, “This is my one.”
    They’d all come round to see.

    Then I’d say to the lion (Chaos!), “Why, you’ve got a tail!
    And so has the elephant, and so has the whale!
    And, look! There’s a crocodile! He’s got a tail!
    “You’ve all got tails like me!”

  4. Aw Chris, he was precious! Thanks for sharing those pictures of him when he was a baby! **a wee little thing, lol**
    Chaos, Happy Birthday! I hope this is the year you get tuna cake with nip frosting!
    Chris, I am not sure if I should say welcome back to work… or Run! LOL!! It is nice to have you back though! =)
    Have a great Monday!

  5. Happy happy happy birthday Chaos! And September 9? Whoa. That’s a lot of time away, guess I’d lost count. I’m working from home for a few days, only a few hours per so I get to knit and spin.

  6. Happy day, dear Chaos. You have thrilled us all with your photogenic self!
    I hope that your back-to-work day is gentle, Chris. And am glad that you had such a well-deserved rest.

  7. Happy birthday Chaos – I, too, vote that you get tuna and catnip. Though are you sure that you wouldn’t want them in their purest forms as opposed to a cake – a cake would have other things in it that could dilute the taste of both the tuna and the nip – I vote instead that you sprinkle some top-grade catnip on the tuna…

  8. Happy Birthday, Chaos! You handsome devil you! My kitty Miranda would like to know when the party is and why she hasn’t gotten her invitation.

  9. Happy Birthday, Chaos!
    What a handsome (and suave) kitty you have become! I hope you get your tuna cake with ‘nip frosting.

    Chris, I hope the return to work isn’t too shocking.

  10. Roses are red,
    Cool cats are black.
    Happy Birthday to you, dear Chaos,
    I hope you get your catnip snack!


    Happy First Day Back at Work, Chris – hope it wasn’t too painful!

  11. Happy birthday HoHo… oh sorry, Chaos. Still, it’s better to have a name change and the brain power than no name change and less brain power right? (loved following the links, Chris)

    I wish a tuna layered cake for you!

  12. Happy Birthday Chaos! What an AWESOME Kitty! 😉

    Sending tuna kisses. (hmmm, that doesn’t sound right, but I’ll bet Chaos will appreciate them!)

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