Linkity leaving June

Polly yearning.

Harry, probably also yearning.

Mayhem is Very Disappointed in all of us, I’m afraid.

4 thoughts on “Linkity leaving June”

  1. Spiral stairs. Curved stairs. Metal stairs. Wood stairs. Carpeted stairs. Stairs that can kill. Stairs to the top bunk. Pretty stairs. Ugly stairs. Pretty Ugly stairs.

    I feel old today. I don’t want no stairs. I want elevators. And a crew of hunky men to carry me in and out of the elevators, and to push the buttons.

  2. I wish I could hope that the Flat Earthers reality show would actually convince people of the science behind why we know the Earth is round, but I just don’t have that much faith in humanity right now. I predict that one camp will see it as justification that the Earth is flat and they are right, and the other camp will use it as a way to laugh at the first group, and no one will have any growth at all. Sigh.

    For happier thoughts, those LEGO Indiana Jones sets are cool!

    That cabin is super cute, and would be really tempting if (1) I was looking to move, and (2) it wasn’t so close to Mt. Saint Helens.

    That FL house with the swashbuckling pool room honestly feels very appropriate for Florida. And it does look like an amusement park all lit up at night. It’s a bit much, though.

    I much prefer the house with the observatory attached. I would love that! (The house, too. Not just the observatory part.)

    Hi to the kitties!

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