Linkity, not yet carried away by mosquitoes

Harry, trying to catch the end of a packing strap and managing to look terrifying whilst doing so.

Polly trying to catch the packing strap as Harry looks on. (She, of course, looks adorable.)

4 thoughts on “Linkity, not yet carried away by mosquitoes”

  1. Sigh. Utah.

    And although they changed the law so the books can be “legally disposed of”, there is no legal option for disposal other than destruction. By law, they can’t sell them or give them away. So the wording change was just to appease the complainers.

  2. Didya miss me? Huh? Didya?

    Babies eating meat at 3 weeks old? That’s got to produce some pretty interesting aromas.

    Tumbler is doing their “Non-members can peek, but they can’t see the whole show.” thing again. If you click on a pic, you can cycle thru the rest, though some will be pretty small. Can’t read the text though, and some of those pics really need explaining. For the ficlets, I haven’t found a cure.

    Isn’t it weird how ultra-modern can start looking pretty dated after about 10 minutes?

    Coming down for a midnight snack: “Who left the rusty nails drawer open?”

    C’mon now. How brutal could it possibly be? AAAAHHHH! My eyes, my eyes!

    I don’t love pink enough to have a house that constantly reminds me of Dolores Umbridge, whom I lovingly refer to as Pepto-B!t<hmol.

    Don't you hate it when you're home watching tv, and you get up to go to the urinal during the commercials, but then the commercial that comes on is THAT one, the one for THAT thing you really want, the Toilet Mermaid, and you're missing
    it again, and you feel like you'll never be able to get that phone # or website address? Well, never again with the Amazing Over The Urinal Television! So, you finally get the phone #, and order 100 Toilet Mermaids, only to find out when they arrive … they don't work in urinals!

    Statuary is a very kind euphemism for some of that oversized kitsch. A lot of the art is very creepy-eye-centric. I think I like it?

    Art over the stove house is freeekin' gorgeous! All that wood!

    Utah? Ughtah!

    Well, that's it for today.

  3. Imagine carrying baskets of laundry up and down those spiral stairs. Also, I’ pretty sure babies cannot digest meat at 3 weeks. Also, I mistakenly got a book on Japanese bondage last year; bookstore sent the wrong book. It was a great white elephant gift at an annual Christmas party. Also, I think jellied consomme sounds kinda good. Kinda…

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