Linkity is so ready for some greenery

Polly is very subtle about asking for chin scritches…

Is Harry yawning or yelling?


4 thoughts on “Linkity is so ready for some greenery”

  1. That first MCM is awesome in that woodsy setting. I’d love to stay there. But not to have to clean the windows.

    Gorgeous views from the round house! All it would take is, uh, gutting the interior and starting over.

    My sister has a vacation home in Florida that she rents out when she isn’t using it. It’s in Manatee county, right along a river that sometimes has manatees. She sees them occasionally. I’ve only been there twice, but sadly it wasn’t manatee season.

  2. The only one of those iconic fantasy books I’ve read is the McCaffrey, though I have the de Lint on my TBR (and an audio version in my library) ready for me to read soon.

    There’s a Reading Rainbow documentary? Cool! I don’t want to go to the movie theater to see it though… we’ll wait to see if until it’s out on TV. We hadn’t been going to see movies much even before COVID. It’s just too peopley.

    JOMO sounds like much more my thing.

    Mmmm. Those lemon cloud cookies sound amazing.

  3. Bedroom isn’t … I want to see the floorplan of the neighbor’s unit. Cuz if their bathroom is closer to my bed than mine is, they’re getting knockknocked. Either that, or you don’t wanna be walkin up them steps without an umbrella. Just in case.

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