Linkity is in like a lamb

This goofball has conjunctivitis in one of his eyes and is getting eye ointment twice a day, so he’s kind of a mess right now.

Polly, slightly annoyed that I am taking her picture instead of petting her.

Very Serious Kitties Are Very Serious.

5 thoughts on “Linkity is in like a lamb”

  1. Poor Harry.

    As usual, the houses started off well (I’d love to stay at that desert motel, and the cottage is very cute), then all hell breaks loose.

  2. That mini shakeable bookshelf looks like a lot of fun! (And I would have way too much fun obsessing over putting the books back in the right places.) I have a mini book necklace which I really love, but that one is probably plenty of mini books for me.

    I love that converted train depot! (I just don’t love the idea of moving to Florida to live there.)

    I am very confused about the black Victorian-but-modern house, though. It feels like that place is having an identity crisis. The 3rd level room with the round window (and rooftop deck) is the best part.

    That “maximalist” house is just… wow. I can’t even see the HOUSE under all that stuff.

    EVIL STAIRS! I just know I would accidentally stick my feet inside the cinder blocks and hurt myself. (Badly.) I wasn’t particularly worried about the stairs in Amsterdam—I was more concerned with not getting run over by bikes.

    And if your restaurant has to make Stairs That Will Kill You in order to keep the rats out of the pantry, I think I will not be eating at your restaurant…

  3. I think that last set of stairs belongs in the villain’s house. “You’ll be staying in the guest suite on the second floor. Just up those stairs.” ::evil laugh::

  4. Villain’s Lair: Yeah, but not a good villain. Maybe an inbred nepo-villain? Like Gargamel XIV, son if Gargamel XIII and Cruella VI? Cuz I can see her influence in the color scheme.

    I fail to see any particular benefit in owning a dilapidated frontier town, when I would just be the most dilapidated, and perhaps least anachronistic, thing in it.

    Too many beds? Funny, I’d have thought Mutanthood Of The Sacred Atomic Naptime Neo Doomsday Cult Decor would get a little more lovin’. Especially from a member of the Lowly Order Of Servants Of The High And Mighty Feline Seekers Of New Places To Sleep.

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