Linkity does not approve of seasonal allergies starting in February

Some Regia socks for me from yarn I got for Xmas.

Poor sleeping Mayhem – when she went to sleep, I was in the midst of a Pilates class a few feet away. When she woke up, the living room was dark and I was reading in bed!

Polly is a very chatty kitty!

Usually Polly’s the goofball, but Harry has his moments…

4 thoughts on “Linkity does not approve of seasonal allergies starting in February”

  1. I am in awe of your deviousitude. Yes, even in a link innocuously titled “Cool art,” you manage to showcase stairs that can kill you. Even more impressive is that it includes the first ones, at least that I can recall, that choosing drowning and defenestreehouseation as a modus operandi. Kudos.

    ON THE OTHER HAND … I’m very disappointed in you. When I see a caption like “Inside, it’s absolute drama,” I expect to see a feature about myself. Not about a home decorated by someone who could only afford two Sharpies – Black & Red, instead of a full box of crayons.

    Some would say pool off of the kitchen, others would say avant-garde dishwasher off of the kitchen.

    Zero beds, but lots of rafters to hang from? Hmmm?

  2. That’s really cool about Minnetonka trying to do better. I hope they continue, and that they are an encouragement for others to follow in their footsteps.

    I love the Tumblr post that led to the rediscovery of how to make rope! Also, that sounds like both a lot of fun to play with, and also really rather hard on the hands. (I like chain plying, but doing it that many times sounds not fun.)

    I do not like the idea of portable fireplaces. They sound scary. But I *do* really like that cottage with the bright pink doors. And since when did we decide that washing machines needed to be part of the “stairs (or ladders) that can kill you” equation? That’s just nuts.

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