Linkity from the throes of summer

No linkity next week! I have an MRI of my knees (patellofemoral instability, surgery not expected to be required) scheduled late on my linkity-making day. I expect that by the time I get home after two hours in the tube, I am going to be cranky. 😀

Harry and Polly looking out the window. (Also, the windows have been washed since this photo was taken. WHEW.)

Harry is a LARGE kitty. He’s larger than Chaos was! Apparently one of my superpowers is picking black male kittens who are going to become LARGE.

5 thoughts on “Linkity from the throes of summer”

  1. Tumblr is giving me grief this morning, so I can’t view the lovely MCM house right now.

    But I did enjoy the Barbie article!

    I’m sorry about your knee problem and the long MRI. I had to do back-to-back MRIs a year ago. This may sound stupid, but what I did to keep myself from going crazy in the tube was that during the first one, I sang “99 bottles of beer” in my head. I figured that way when they did the second one, I could use how far I got through it the first time as kind of a timer to estimate how much longer I had in the second one. Weird, I know, but it actually helped.

  2. Ah, Tumblr is finally working for me. The MCM is fabulous, though I’m not sure I’d want to actually live in it.

    Heh… my old house had a scary stairwell just like the “pantry” one. The shelf was a bit lower, though, and it wasn’t actually difficult to reach stuff on it, and I just put some decorative stuff on it. The one in that photo does look too high to reach, though.

  3. That thing about 70’s/80’s movies vs modern ones… yes. All of it yes, but especially the pacing. And the practical vs. CGI effects. Man, I really miss that age of films. We can do some great stuff with movies today, but they don’t have that same “real” feeling as they used to.

    Threads = Meta = I want to stay far away from it. I still have a Facebook account (sadly) because there are some people where that is my only form of connection to them, but like hell am I signing up for a NEW one.

    Wow! And wow! And also wow! You found some great houses this week. I think the remodeled MCM one is my favorite, though. That’s really stunning.

    I hope your MRI next week goes well! Try not to be too bored and cranky.

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