Linkity as Mayhem gently snores nearby

*blank* -Mayhem

Meanwhile, Polly has a lot to say!

And Harry looks annoyed.

3 thoughts on “Linkity as Mayhem gently snores nearby”

  1. Whoa… shiny house is very shiny. All those big windows facing brick walls are oddly disturbing. And the master bed looks very difficult to get into.

    I’m usually a fan of MCM, but that time-capsule house is just fugly.

  2. Hi kitties! So cute, all three, and with very different expressions in these photos. And thanks for the shout out!

    I like the monarch dragon too, but I have a hard time picking between the two butterflies. Both are really cool. (And I can’t NOT like the book dragon, you know. Given my screen name.)

    Oh, that castle backpack is cool. And thanks for the re-link to the Humans Are Space Orcs OP. I’ve seen a lot of variations on it, but it’s been a while since I read the original. I’m not sure it had all of the notes last time I saw it.

    That converted chapel is super cozy—but only one bathroom? O.o Also, do they have multiple spinning wheels, or is this another case of them moving the same one around for multiple pictures?

    That art moderne house in BC is super cool! And so is the other art deco one (except for being in Florida)—complete with another spinning wheel! But the MCM house in WI is a bit strange (except I love the sun room).

    That is not a tree house. The Brooklyn house is way too shiny. Missile silo is still a no. “Hmm” indeed, but also a no.

    The Amsterdam stairs are a test to see if you’re sober enough to avoid the bicyclists. I don’t know what the excuse is for the ones in Barcelona, though.

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