Windy linkity of windiness

Polly would like her chin scratched more, please!

Lights on, nobody home in Pollyland!

Harry very focused on sharpening his claws on the scratcher.

4 thoughts on “Windy linkity of windiness”

  1. The only room I really liked today was the black bathroom in Pretentious House.

    I would like the kitchen too, if it had more black in it, like if the whole floor were black instead of chessboard. I discussed it with a friend, who said “Sure. Black floors won’t show the food you drop.” I pointed out that most food that gets dropped on the kitchen floor is not black.

    “It will be if you leave it there long enough,” he replied. It’s comments like this that make me wonder if I should tell this friend he can’t live in my head anymore. But, I guess the rest of us would miss him if he left.

    My skull is now echoing with a rousing chorus of “Yeah!”s and “You bet!”s, and one tiny little “not me.”

  2. Oh noes! The Magical and Weird Homes Tumblr account is giving me an error message. 🙁 In related news, after many years of not having one and wondering what I was missing, I decided to sign up for Tumblr. (Mostly you convinced me, but it’s also related to the Dumpster fire that is current Twitter.)

    I love the double-knit cat herding scarf! I might have to make one of those for my MIL for Christmas 2023. (No way would I get it finished in time for this year!)

    Hello to the kitties!
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