Lots more linkity than last week!

Harry’s usual look of skepticism.

Polly on the spiffy new kitty mixtape scratcher, with bonus Harry’s tail.

Harry and Polly drowsing on my lap.

5 thoughts on “Lots more linkity than last week!”

  1. Thanks for the links! And thanks for the LOTR discussion. That really hit home for me, and explained the dissatisfaction I have with (some) modern epic fantasy. “The prevailing attitude right now is that you can’t call your story nuanced if you know who your bad guys are.” That right there explains so much and is so annoying.

    I love the ficlet about the ghost trees! And the comic panels of libraries. (I can’t decide which library is my favorite.) I’d never seen the NASA horror posters before! Those are really cool. Also: crow dragon! So cute. 😀

    There are so many castle houses showing up lately. It’s weird. The one I like best of today’s lot is the attic bedroom. That one was neat.

    The “Little Free LEGO Library” is an interesting twist on LFLs. Eeeeeeww, that doctor’s office home conversion is one of the worst I’ve seen—possibly even worse than the prison one. I had not expected an installment of “stairs that will kill you” to include a bike path. Wow.
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  2. Flintstones house – where’s the room where you run past the same window seventeen times?

    I do not wonder if it comes with a pipe organ, I wonder if it comes with a lifetime supply of Windex.

    Drywall stairs reminds me of my landlords after the ’89 quake here in SF. My 1890s apartment has plaster/lath walls, and one of them had a roughly 1 ft diameter chunk of plaster fall out, but the lath was intact. Should have been a relatively easy re-plastering job.

    I came home from work a few days later, and there was a 3 ft square patch, with a weird texture.

    I peeled back a corner (that should be hint right there) and found out it was about 1/4 inch thick flexible foam. The other side was a picture, and I recognized it as a posters from a bus shelter.

    I told my landlady that it was not acceptable, and I had taken it down and thrown it away. She got furious “You don’t know that that isn’t a building material.” I reminded her that I was a property insurance underwriter.

    The next day I came home, and they’d replaced it with a half a sheet of drywall – about 4ftx5ft. For what was originally a 1 ft hole, that could have been patched with plaster, since the lath was intact.

  3. OMG that ficlet was amazing! Seriously amazing. I’d read a whole book of that. It was so fresh and interesting. Blew. My. Mind.

    And I loved the word history link. I was talking to someone today about English and we both agreed – English is weird. Fascinating, but weird ????

    And Harry and Polly are so cute ??

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