Linkity has had a WEEK

Polly looking on whilst Harry tries to remove his IV bandage from his overnight stay at the emergency vet. Turns out he’d decided to supplement his diet with cardboard. Fortunately, the vet was able to resolve the issue without surgery. WHEW.

Harry’s leg after the bandage was removed (by me).

Harry, having sat on Polly. Love the expression on Polly’s face!

Polly grooming!

5 thoughts on “Linkity has had a WEEK”

  1. Yay! San Francisco continues the winning streak, placing first again! As I always say, there’s no facts like alternative facts, when yer in a tight spot.

  2. Love the Labyrinth fic. (And the others that your link sent me through a rabbit hole to find.) Also the thread of cats stealing food. 😀

    That is NOT a hobbit house indeed. They had some good ideas for making one, but they failed on the “cozy” aspect of it.

    You continue to find cursed stairs. Yikes.

    Poor Harry! I hope he’s doing better now. And I hope Polly is no worse for the squashing.
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