Linkity will see you in 2022!

Happy, healthy, and safe New Year to all of you!

Awwww, Polly!

“Harry, STOP IT.” -Polly

“You’re not the boss of me!” -Harry

~guileless~ -Harry

9 thoughts on “Linkity will see you in 2022!”

  1. So THAT*s why they burn down the goat. OOOPS.

    On a side note, S was really upset that we did not get her a straw goat this year. The one we have was too little

  2. 1. “Trimmed with good to eat Oscar Mayer tidbits stuck on with cocktail picks, this gay tree…” Screeching Halt! DO NOT try to blame this on the gays. We refuse to accept responsibility for this travesty. Believe me, when we say “OOOH, Girlfriend! Meat like that don’t grow on trees!”, this is not what we mean.
    2. Fruit Cocktail Eggnog Pie. THIS is GAY! This is a Pride Parade Float for your dessert table.
    3. Fortunately, the Forest of Small Weenies will not appear on LickTV. Unfortunately, neither will the FCEN Pie. What should be expected is Taste-along pornography, because what else can you expect from the jerks that run the world?

    In spite of this, I intend to find ways to have a great 2022, and hope you all do too.

  3. Aaaww, kitties. Hi kitties and happy new year!

    Oh good. I now have an excuse to do distracting things like video games or knitting instead of thinking about the bad stuff. (But yes… I could have told them that distraction is better than forced positivity. 2020 taught me that without a doubt.)

    I thought (before seeing the credit) that The Hero’s Nap book cover looked like something Diane Duane would do. 😉

    That annual reminder about Bob Cratchit’s salary gets me every time. 🙁

    Every time I think 2021 was all bad news, I get reminders about things like the Ever Given. So… at least there’s something.
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