Snow is Project Spectrum, right?!

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Sundara is celebrating the first anniversary of Sundara Yarn. Guess how many skeins of yarn she’s dyed in the first year – submit your guesses by March 7 and you could win some very yummy yarn!

It’s very snowy here. That truck hadn’t been parked there more than 60 minutes yesterday when I took this picture. If you enlarge the picture, you can see the snow falling (use the truck as a backdrop). This morning? The cars look like snow banks. I’m working from home again today. 🙂

While I was looking out the window at the snow, I got this cute picture of Mayhem’s little kitty arms:


I started another pair of socks earlier this week, using some Opal Zebra. This yarn is boring me (why is it more interesting in the ball than when knit?!), but at least it fits the Project Spectrum theme (the white). The foot is plain, but I’m knitting the cuffs in the Jaywalker pattern.

“Dum-de-dum-de-dum… oh, look, some yarn on the floor again.” *yawn* -C

I joined FiberFlix. There are two films for March – you can watch Run Lola Run (my personal choice) and/or Logan’s Run. Fitting the theme of motion, I’m knitting the previously mentioned Jaywalkers and will also be starting some RPMs from my first Sundara Sock Club yarn, Lenten Rose (also a very Project Spectrum color – sort of a greyish plum).

“You put this yarn by me and you expect me to be good?! As if!” -M

“I mean, look at that tasty yarn cake!” -M

“Mmmm… yarn cake…” -M

I quickly rescued the yarn at that point!

40 thoughts on “Snow is Project Spectrum, right?!”

  1. I love your kitties! 🙂 You always post at the most perfect times for me. 🙂 Thanks! (I’m having a bad day.) I need some Chaos and Mayhem.

  2. Chris- No icing on that yarn cake anyway.

    I have one Zebra, and some of the Tiger. And you’re right, some stuff is more interesting as a ball of yarn. That’s wahy my stash is so large.

  3. I’ve seen lots of socks around the blogs recently. Must be something about this time of year … not quite rady for spring knitting but tired of anything that requires too much thought!

  4. I bet you’re glad you don’t have to shovel!

    Working from home sounds like a great idea. Wish I could’ve convinced my hubby that it’d be a good idea for him, too.

    I like the Opal Zebra socks, is that a new one or has it been stashed for a while?

  5. Hey, I hadn’t even thought about snow as Project Spectrum! I’m totally in theme!

    I joined Fiberflix when it started and I STILL haven’t watched or knit along. Once these two babies are born and I’m done with Christmas and baby and all other obligation knitting, maybe I’ll be able to join in!

  6. Have you let the cats out in the snow? I won’t let our cat Bowie out, she’s all white and we’d lose her in a drift. Maybe I could fashion a miner’s hat on her…you know how cat’s love miner’s hats…

  7. Wow. I feel your pain, but at the same time I’m bummed that we haven’t had any more than a few inches of snow this year.

  8. Man I wish we had snow! I hate this whole cold windy March thing…I mean if it’s going to be cold, could we at least have some fluffy white stuff?

  9. I hate it when I like yarn better balled than knit. Maybe it just needs a more interesting pattern. I’ll have to keep that in mind though. I bet I’ll feel the same way about the Tiger colorway I picked up.
    Thanks for the link about FiberFlix. I hadn’t heard of that before. Looks fun.

  10. Snow is soooo pretty! And those kitty arms, precious. Awww.

    Oh that’s right! I’ve got a yarn all ready for the Jaywalkers & Logan’s Run. I haven’t seen that movie in ages.

  11. I watched Run Lola Run a couple years ago, very good, although I wished I could watch it with German subtitles (DVDs here only seem to offer French or Spanish). The Zebra will make nice Jaywalkers that match almost anything. Can’t wait to see the Lenten Rose knit up.

  12. I wonder if it’ll ever quit snowing. Will you be wearing mittens in July? This is why I dream of moving to Wisconsin and second best would be Minnesota.

    Yum yarn cakes, they are the best kind of cakes, filling but hardly any calories.

  13. Nice color theme going on throughout that post! Snow here today, too–blowy gusty snow that looked a lot like that.

    I love me some stretchy black kitty paws! mmm, wanna bite ’em!

    I have some unidentified yarn that looks sort of like that–is it double-stranded? Mine’s also black and white. Maybe it’s saying socks.

    btw, i watched Logan’s Run on TCM just last week. i remembered it being super-kitschy but it was actually pretty good! it won an Oscar for art direction and was far more compelling than i expected; Peter Ustinov as the Old Man who’s been living for years with cats as his only companions is fabulous; he’s continually quoting from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats–priceless!

  14. Oooh, snow! Working from home snow!
    I can’t knit with black and white yarn. I have to overdye it. I got some in a sock club (hey, I never got the third ball I paid for!) and had to turn it into pink/plum white and black yarn.
    Your relaxed raglan looks exactly that. A nice easy jumper to wear 🙂

  15. I’m caught up now on your blog happenings! Those pictures of you with the cats are great and that one of chaos’ expression is priceless!!! M is so cute. How do you keep up with their antics? By the way, I vote for Lola Run too. It’s a good flick!

  16. Hee. At least you’re doing a better job with Project Spectrum than me. Only one project out of 10. Oh well. I’ll try to do better for April/May. 🙂

  17. Oooh beautiful yarn cake 🙂 I love May’s kitty arms. Sheesh. I’m kind of glad we’re postponing our trip having seen your snow.

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