An odd mixture of linkity indeed

Reading Update
The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion (Haunted Bookshop Mystery, #5)The Ghost and the Haunted Mansion (Haunted Bookshop Mystery #5) by Alice Kimberly/Cleo Coyle. Think I’m all caught up with these now – I didn’t read them exactly in order.
Calculated Risks (InCryptid, #10)Calculated Risks (InCryptid 10) by Seanan McGuire. Well, I guess the cliffie wasn’t QUITE as bad as the one in book 9…
On the Wings of War (Soulbound, #5)On the Wings of War, An Echo in the Sorrow (Soulbound, #6)Echo in the Sorrow Down a Twisted Path (Soulbound, #0.5)Down a Twisted Path (Soulbound 5-6, 0.5) by Hailey Turner. Now to wait for the series conclusion to come out later this year, if I don’t forget all about it…
Wormwood Summer (San Amaro Investigations, #1)Wormwood Summer, A Haunting at Midwinter (San Amaro Investigations, #0.5)A Haunting at Midwinter (San Amaro Investigations 1, 0.5) by Kai Butler. Good paranormal romance series about a fae magic using PI and an alchemist cop who get thrown together in the course of a case.

“Falalalala!” -Mayhem, quite stoned on catnip and silverine

“Wow. She is fascinating!” -Harry

4 thoughts on “An odd mixture of linkity indeed”

  1. Oh wow, I love the command center vibes from Terry Pratchett’s writing setup. I use two monitors for work at the day job, and I love it so much more than a single monitor. I can see using multiple screens for writing… at least when the distractions are okay. There are times when it would not help as much, though…

    Ugh. I hadn’t heard about Paper Source. I don’t think I’ve been buying from them at least lately (I’ve been using JetPens since I like their stock and they are kinda local to me) but thanks for the info. I’ll be leery of Paper Source in whatever post-banktuptcy form they take.

    I love the Small Gods series. I’ve seen several of them on Twitter, but nowhere near all of them. They’re all so great.

    BOOM indeed. I was talking with Mr. Wyrm about this earlier this week. Socialism. Hah.

    Love the cake wrecks! I need to start following that blog again. I’m not sure why I stopped…
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