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Nice look at some of the new ebook devices at The Good, the Bad and the Unread.

Google’s entering the ebook market. I haven’t decided whether this is good or bad.

SciFiGuy has an overview of the May issue of Locus Magazine, which was focused on urban fantasy. (My copy is still sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for me to read it.) But I do know that the top story was the revelation that author Kim Harrison does not exist! This was quite shocking to me, since I had seen her at Uncle Hugo’s and have some books signed by her. 🙂

Hee hee – Smart Bitches have an amusing list of the top medieval history facts that you won’t see in any romances.

Thanks to Mary Lou for this list of amusing things that would sound wrong if you were saying them to a human instead of to a cat. I can think of some that aren’t on the list, such as “Quit eating the toilet paper!” and “Hey! Stop running across the kitchen table!”

Wait, how did they sneak in to my condo to get this picture?! Did you get your seat before they ran out of space?

Apparently I haven’t been reading enough books with scantily clad, abs-baring males on the cover and there’s been some agitating in the comments. This update’s for you, MamaT! 😉

Reading Update
Sentinels: Jaguar Night (Silhouette Nocturne) by Doranna Durgin. This was a surprisingly good low-steam paranormal romance. My biggest complaint is that, although it appears to be the first Sentinels book, it seemed to assume a certain level of familiarity with the Sentinels that I certainly don’t have.
Men at Work by Janelle Denison, Nina Bangs, and MaryJanice Davidson. A light’n’fluffy romance collection about hunky guys wearing toolbelts…
Surf’s Up by Nina Bangs, MaryJanice Davidson, and Janelle Denison. Another light’n’fluffy romance collection from Denison, Bangs, and Davidson. Please note that if you plan to read this and Men at Work, you should read that book first, as the stories by Davidson and Bangs are related to the stories in that collection. Eerie that I picked these books up at the same time, not knowing that or noticing that the same authors were in both. I just went for the covers. 🙂
And Able by Lucy Monroe. Yup, this is the conclusion to the trilogy that began with Ready and Willing.
Deal With This and The Spy Who Wants Me by Lucy Monroe. These tie into her Ready, Willing, and Able series and her secret agents series and her other non-series books. I love that.
The Chosen Sin by Anya Bast. I love this cover, and it isn’t even NK! 😉 This is a well-done futuristic vampire romance, very steamy. Very, very steamy.
Simply Irresistible by Rachel Gibson. Enjoyable contemporary romance set in Seattle.
Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James. This was another near-perfect contemporary romance from Julie James. Highly recommended.
Night’s Kiss by Amanda Ashley. Vampires and good witches and bad warlocks, oh my! An ok start to a series that I’ll probably keep reading.
Between a Rock and a Heart Place by Natalie Stenzel. This is the sequel to The Druid Made Me Do It and is pretty fun (druids and pucas and nature spirits, oh my!), if a bit drawn out at times.
Dark Protector and Dark Defender (Paladins of Darkness, Books 1-2) by Alexis Morgan. They’re warriors who come back from the dead when they’re killed protecting our world from the evil Others. An ok paranormal series that’s completely vampire and werewolf free. And hey, that’s NK in leather pants on the cover of Dark Defender.

Think carefully before switching to Holy Water in the cat’s water bowl

“That poor kitty! If I chew on these vampire fangs, do I have to worry about you putting Holy Water in my water bowl?” -Chaos

21 thoughts on “Abs-olutely”

  1. That SB post was funny; have you ever read Sandra Hill? Her books often have humor mixed in with romance. There’s one (alas, can’t remember the title right now) with a heroine, a doctor, who travels back to Viking times; in it she diagnoses a wheat/gluten allergy! : )

  2. Do you think it’s just one guy with those abs? There can’t be that many guys with great abs in the world – can there????

  3. Holy mother of Abs!

    Never is it more apparent that I read a lot of YA and SciFi as when I look at these and think of my book covers. Sadly, mine are much more likely to have a scantily clad woman who is supposed to be a warrior… Like they are really fighting in that kind of get up.

  4. LOL on those book covers. I wonder if those guys are real, or photoshopped like Cindy Crawford’s legs?

    I’ve given up on the fur on the couch thing. The girls don’t usually sit there, but Timmy sheds enough for both of them. Sigh.

  5. What a wonderful post… Chaos, if you start to see crosses, garlic and holy water out at the same time… Just look her in the eyes, arch your back and HISSS… that would scare anyone!

    I am still licking my lips from the delicious plate of abs you are dishing out!! LOL!!

  6. Hah! My cake business was called ‘Simply Irresistible’!

    As for ebook readers, I’m happy with my iphone and the kindle app – I loved the list of medieval history facts, hehe

  7. Hey, I totally thought of Chaos when I read that dangerous box lolcats yesterday. And thought of mine own kittehs when I read the bird feeder opening one.

    Those kittehs. Always entertaining us.

  8. The Medieval history facts were hilarious and icky at the same time. I know the powdered wigs and faces of the 18th century was because they didn’t bathe at all. They thought it was unhealthy, and considering their lack of a sewer system, they were probably right. But still, gross on all fronts.

  9. I think Deb’s right. It’s the same abs on all of those book covers.

    Adding to things you say to your cat/ferret that wouldn’t sound right to a human. “Where are you going with my underwear?”

    I think you’re safe from the Holy Water, Chaos.

  10. Those two LOLcats are awesome – when I saw the Dangerous Box one I thought of you right off (it’s part of my bedtime routine to look at ICHC on my iTouch before I go to bed, LOL).

    The abs are plentiful today! BOOYA! I especially like Men at Work.

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