And what to my wondering eyes did appear, but… snow!

This was the scene on my street when I woke up this morning; a few more inches have fallen since.

I haven’t received my “The City of Minneapolis has declared a Snow Emergency and anywhere you’re even thinking about parking is now illegal” email yet, but I bet it’s on its way.

I’m knitting away on my Koigu Falling Leaves socks – I have about 2/3 of the 2nd sock left to knit. (What baby sweater? Huh? Ends? What are you talking about?)

No knitting pictures today because I wanted to show off my new slippers. One of my lifelong desires has been to own a pair of novelty slippers. As lifelong desires go, it’s pretty lame, true. But I had never come across the perfect pair of novelty slippers for me. There were some Siberian Husky slippers at Target once… only in kids’ sizes. An ex-boyfriend had some bear paw slippers (ala Homer Simpson), but they just really weren’t my thing. Then last week, I discovered… black cat slippers.

Oh yeah. Notice how the tails are shaped very similarly to the Chaotic Kitty’s crooked stubby tail?

“What the…?”

Happy feet! The soles on these slippers are about an inch thick and super cushy.

So far Chaos hasn’t attacked my feet while I’m walking, which I think shows admirable restraint, what with the tails and all.

Perhaps because he was much more focused on playing fetch with his tail-free red sparkly mouse.

“I’m a predator. Get over it.”