Linkity is pleased that second summer has arrived in Minneapolis


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Reading Update
American GodsAmerican Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition by Neil Gaiman. I wonder how many times I’ll have to read this to completely grok what’s going on? Maybe that’s not even possible. ANYWAY. There’s a short story about Shadow in Fragile Things, too.

“Hey Mom Hey Mom Hey Mom Hey Mom…” -Chaos

Look at how white his whiskers and paws are getting!

4 thoughts on “Linkity is pleased that second summer has arrived in Minneapolis”

  1. Hooray for Merriam-Webster!

    While I love The Princess Bride as-is and any remake will have to seriously win me over before I give it my money, I will admit that I would love to see more diversity in race and gender in that movie.

    Love the locked in the car with the alarm going off thing. I think many of us are about ready to bash out the windows in order to get out.

    OMG. I knit lots of lace. I double knit blanket squares so that the text on both sides are readable. I am knitting a Fair Isle sweater and am about ready to tackle the steeks. I am not a faint-of-heart knitter. AND YET THAT STRAWBERRY STITCH TERRIFIES ME. O.O

  2. I hope they don’t remake “A Princess Bride.”
    Chaos’s whiskers may be white, but he is still a handsome, fit cat! You are an excellent Cat Mom, Chris. Because we know Chaos would not be slim if he were allowed to eat at will.

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