Linkity was not emotionally prepared for a foot of snow

Also, very dawdly during my linkity time, so you get a hot mess o’ linkity again. 😀

Reading Update
Picture This: The Near-Sighted Monkey Book by Lynda Barry. Another good illustrated book from Lynda Barry – this one focuses mostly on drawing.
The Bloodline Feud (The Merchant Princes #1-#2) by Charles Stross. I kept tripping over the language a bit at the beginning (it seemed overly descriptive), but I got completely sucked into the story anyway and stayed up too late to finish it. So!
The Clan Corporate (The Merchant Princes #3) by Charles Stross. Make sure you have the next book on hand, because this ends on a really evil cliffhanger!

*BLAAAAAAAAANK* -Chaos (totally alive – I checked)

7 thoughts on “Linkity was not emotionally prepared for a foot of snow”

  1. Nice to know about NASA’s Day of Remembrance. And RIP to Ursula K Le Guin and Rosie the Riveter. 🙁 Time to re-read Earthsea.

    I love those bookstores! I need to find more of my local neat bookstores, too, rather than just drooling over ones in different countries.

    Wow. The Wizarding America link… it’s just too much. (Awesome, but too much.)
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  2. suddenly I am seized with an urge to go to Lisbon and visit Livraria Bertrand. Bonus points: my great-great-great-great-grandfather was Portugese. To some tiny extent, I *belong* in that bookstore.

  3. I shall now respond to all pregnancy announcements with “Congratulations on making a human” (I’m going to leave out “with your genitals”. Even I wouldn’t say that)

  4. I’d like to put this to a vote:

    7th link from the bottom takes you to

    a) Robot Cat
    b) Borg Dust Bunny
    c) UMMMMMM??HUH????WTF??????? Wig from Hamilton????
    d) Tribble with a Tumor

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