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Cool or Wha…?



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Reading Update
What It Is by Lynda Barry. Very good book about how to get started writing, presented in Lynda Barry’s inimitable style of illustration. This older book covers some of the same ground as Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor, but with less drawing involved. If I had to pick just one, I would definitely go for Syllabus. (Even though Syllabus doesn’t have the helpful Magic and Creative Cephalopod.)

“Whoa.” -Mayhem

May’s mind is apparently blown from whatever she’s absorbing from The Master and His Emissary there…

8 thoughts on “Linkity agrees with Calvin”

  1. Thanks for the link! Also for the NASA pictures. I’m really looking forward to “My Next Guest…”, especially since Obama’s going to be the first guest.

    “Nothing really comforts me more than seeing more books around me.” — Best part of the book nook article, IMO! 🙂

    A Starbucks secret Harry Potter menu?!? OMG. Don’t tell my family.

    Cute picture of Miss May. 🙂 And I agree with the Calvin comic, too. Luckily (for me) it’s been warmer for me than for you. (Sorry.)
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  2. 1. Added Tam Lin to be TBR list.
    b. I had not seen Oprah’s speech. Thanks!
    III. A swirling flock of starlings is called a murmuration, but I don’t see why you couldn’t call a swirling flock of crows the same thing. Or maybe a murder-ation.
    d. You took me down the rabbit hole that is Crockpot recipes FTW!
    5. Last but not least, I have now added some NASA images to my desktop wallpaper library. Thanks!
    A recent post from kmkat..Things that make me say Hmm, part 3.My Profile

  3. 1. I’ve ordered Syllabus from Amazon! Weee!
    2. I have to laugh at the extreme contrasts in weather we’re experiencing. You have the freeze. I have heat and drought. Happy days
    3. You’re hot flashing too? It is quite simply, absolutely shitty. I have now become one of those women who keep a fan in their handbag.

  4. I just sent the Creme Egg trifle link to my daughter and asked her to try one for me when she is in the UK next month. I will get her to review and report back!

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