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Reading Update
Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor by Lynda Barry. Excellent book about creativity and writing and drawing, presented in Barry’s signature style of illustration. I’ve tried some of the exercises and am continuing to work on the 4-minute daily diary. Definitely one I’ll be referring to in the future!
Spouse on Haunted Hill (Haunted Guesthouse #8) by EJ Copperman. After skipping the seventh book, I quite enjoyed this one. It’s possible this was the last book in the series – it sure felt like things were being tidied up that way at the end. (Ok, apparently there are more books on the way – so now I’m wondering if the series was in limbo for a bit and the tidying was just in case.)

“…zzzzzzz…” -Chaos

9 thoughts on “Linkity curses polar vortices everywhere”

  1. I can’t even understand how miserable it must be for everyone in the east with very cold temps and blowing snow conditions. Hope you can stay warm and cozy!
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  2. Loved the Star Wars/Brady Bunch thing!

    That raw water thing is crazy. There’s an artesian well a couple of blocks from my house. The city built a tiny park around it, and have the water piped up through several constantly-running faucets. There are almost always people there collecting water in jugs, and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember. But at least the city tests the water to make sure there’s nothing evil lurking in it. I’m perfectly fine with our tap water, though.

  3. i did not even know reading pillows were a thing and now i need one!! Why have Americans hidden these from us for so many years??

  4. Okay, I am going to try that Kale & Quinoa pilaf. I’ve discovered that I love them both separately, so they should be amazing together, right?

    Love the 1% theory of fandoms. It’s especially relevant when the huge fandoms do something unexpected or majorly different. (I’m thinking female Doctor Who here…)

    Thank you for sharing Neil Gaiman’s yearly hope. I found last year’s when I was setting up my journal for January, but had forgotten to look for this year’s.

  5. I was off the webs for a while over the holidays and catcing up. Another great linking. Still snorting over if Bilbo and Gollum were women

  6. I am very interested in 365 somethings!

    It is very sad to hear about the passing of Sue Grafton. I’ve been waiting for X and Y to come down in price. You were the one who introduced me – thanks 🙂
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