Don’t get Fooled again

Interested in winning a limited edition of Stephen King Goes To the Movies? Head over to Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist for information on entering.

Knitting inspiration??! (I hope not. I’d hate to have stage an intervention.)

Today is the last day to sign up for E’s vampire-themed music swap at swap-bot! You then have up to an entire month to make your mix.

*blink blink* I wonder what the city of Chicago thought when they received this pothole sponsorship idea from KFC?! I know I thought, “WTF?!” when I read about it.

Maybe it’s time to take control of that out-of-control tangle of cords on the counter and make a charging station.

Hey, Jeanne, I think I have an idea for our next crazy non-knitting craft project! Wouldn’t these make great gifts?

The toaster is 100 years old! Those first models sure look dangerous now, don’t they? I’m a big fan of this humble appeliance, since I have peanut butter toast nearly every morning for breakfast. Sometime I’ll have to pull my two vintage toasters out of the closet and take pictures of them. They’re very handy for the gluten-free traveler who can’t take advantage of a hotel’s continental breakfast.

O noes! The Ashbys are departing. *sniff*

Black kitty camouflage at its finest, indeed.

Nifty kitty mobile – I wonder how it stands up to curious black kitties who would think it a cat toy?

As someone who can’t handle the strong perfumes in most carpet deodorizers, I definitely see the appeal in making my own special kitty safe mix.

Psst – I certainly won’t rat you out if you bookmark How to Fake a Clean House in a Pinch.

Trying to save money? Consumerist has a list of seven things that often aren’t worth the expense.

If you’re interested in getting a free online education, Lifehacker has a list of the top ten tools to do so.

Looking for great travel deals? Get Rich Slowly has a fine list of online resources.

“Why, yes, I am a panther princess girl, the cutest there ever was!” -Mayhem

Hmm. Maybe the only there ever was? 😉

28 thoughts on “Don’t get Fooled again”

  1. That is a very cute idea. No surprise where it comes from. Ikea has all sorts of cute, inexpensive glass jars. I need one that says “Kitty Treats”.

  2. I’d sponsor a pothole repair if the town would patch the one in front of my house that is large enough to swallow a small child…

  3. I love the charging station idea. Now if I could only figure out which of the million charger cables in our house belong to devices we still actually own.

    Princess May needs a tiara.

  4. There is a permanent collection of old (“vintage”) toasters down in Palo Alto. The museum is pretty small, but the toasters are interesting. And of course there was an example on one of the episodes of “True Blood” when Bill pulls out what looks to be a fireplace poker and explains it was a toaster when his family originally lived in his house.

    You bring your own toaster? Now that’s dedication to toast for breakfast! 🙂

  5. I’ve done the chemical glass etching; it can work out quite well. I bought stickers at a craft store and made some nice votive holders.

    Wow, I knew Mayhem was a panther girl, but I had no idea she was a panther “princess” girl. But she is a cutie!

  6. glass etching is SOOOO easy! (and that’s no april fool’s joke!) a friend of mine bought the stuff and showed me how, Basically you’re taping a stencil on glass then dabbing on glue like stuff and waiting and then washing it off.

    But make sure you do it in a well ventilated area. (She kept fussing at me or trying to freeze me out of the craft room by opening the window because I didn’t want to go outside. So um, spring/summer project, not dead of winter!)

  7. What manners on those Ashby’s!

    Had a college visit today down to Carleton – I don’t know about the Teen – but I want to go to school there.

  8. The Ashbys are so darn cute. I’m sad to see them go, but I know they’ll be loved! BTW, thanks for the link to the etching project. While I read that post, I learned that I can use Armour Etch to remove the horrible anti-reflective coating from my glasses! Score.

  9. Aww May, thanks for being so kitty princess like. I’m missing my little black kitty today and you’ve saved me from calling home and demanding that a photo be taken and sent to my phone 🙂

  10. In extreme emergencies, I grab laundry baskets, fill them w/ the clutter, and run a piece of toilet paper around the toilet that I put cleaner into. Wipe the counter w/ the dirty towel and put a clean one out. Et voila.

  11. I was all excited about the how to fake a clean house in a pinch link until I realized your house needs to be kind of clean to use some of the tips. I’m usually running around vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom first.

    I knew May was a panther girl but I had no idea she was royalty. Although she certainly acts like royalty.

  12. I never got the chance to use my etching stuff – gave it away before I moved (they didn’t really want corrosive liquids on the truck). Looks like a fun project!

    And I still use bottled water on occasion. Can’t stand the way my water tastes. And the brita filter doesn’t take the “green” out.

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