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Reading Update
Art Journals and Creative Healing: Restoring the Spirit Through Self-Expression by Sharon Soneff. Ok book with example art journal pages from different women who used art journaling to help themselves through physical, mental, and spiritual challenges. I’ve never really understood the whole spiritual/religious thing; YMMV.
Art at the Speed of Life: Motivation and Inspiration for Making Mixed-Media Art Every Day by Pam Carriker. The best thing about this book is all the detailed information about making layered backgrounds for mixed media. Unfortunately, it also made me realize that I am probably not patient enough to make those sorts of backgrounds. Oh well. I started to skim about halfway through when I found myself nodding off.

“Hmm. You are definitely NOT MOM. But maybe you are ok anyway.” -Mayhem to the catsitter, apparently

8 thoughts on “Linkity returns!”

  1. This is the first I’ve heard about Josh Lanyon, I feel let down and disappointed.

    I really need a rubber ducky tea-infuser now, to cheer me up!

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