More art journaling, less Misadventuring

Congrats to Joe, who won Prickly Business (Portland Pack Chronicles #1) by Piper Vaughn and Kenzie Cade! Prickly Business is being released today by Dreamspinner Press.

More journal pages instead of a Misadventure! 🙂

This is the cover of the journal I’m doing as part of the “Art as Journal” class I’m taking from Articulture in Minneapolis. I didn’t paint the rainbow bit on the left – it was from a scraps bin at class. The small images were clipped from a book of images at class and I painted around them with watercolors: reading, hockey, black cats, and Minneapolis. Sound like me? 🙂

Two pages for my class.

We have encyclopedias we can cut up, so I made a page about Canada and wrote down some Canada-themed song lyrics.

We were asked to do a page for “mysterious” as our homework one week. I knew that old X-Files postcard would be useful someday!

This two page spread is about being neurodiverse (autistic) in a neurotypical world.

Watercolor pencil:

“You’re not the only artistic one in this family, Mom! I took a selfie!!!!!” -Mayhem

“So did I!!” -Chaos

9 thoughts on “More art journaling, less Misadventuring”

  1. I’ve got the X Files theme music playing in my head now! 😀

    These are great, I particularly like the hot pinks against the dark background on your cover.

  2. I love that you keep sharing your pages. 🙂 And if cat selfies aren’t the next big thing, they should be!

  3. I love the kitty selfies! And the art journal is neat, too. I seem to remember keeping a similar journal in high school, but I think I got rid of it sometime between then and now.

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