If it snows today, I might whimper a bit

Wendy’s giving away a copy of Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts. Leave a comment by March 26, 4 pm EDT, for your chance to win.

You have until March 29 to enter moderncat’s drawing for a cute Red Tango bowling bag, compact, and pillbox. (Does anyone remember that I have one of those cute little bowling bags?!)

If you’re interested in helping figure out why bees are disappearing, Marsha has some information about how to get involved with bee research.

Obsidian Kitten is looking for some test knitters for her lacy Easter egg cloth.

This is the basis of my wardrobe – how about yours?

Sometimes it’s best not to ask too many questions when you get home…

Wow – I’m not sure my cardboard construction skills are up to making this spiffy cardboard kitty house from Martha… The question is, of course – will they like it more than a plain old empty box?

I had no idea you could develop film with coffee and vitamin C. Anyone ever tried this?!

For you ebook folks – a comparison price shopping site (still under development). Looks like Samsung’s Papyrus ebook reader will be available later this year in the US. The Foxit eSlick is already available, but doesn’t seem to support the range of formats my dream reader will. (And that would be why I’m slogging along with Mobipocket on my faithful Palm Tungsten E2.)

A month or so ago, Marta Acosta (author of the Casa Dracula series and owner of the Vampire Wire blog) asked what songs people thought might appeal to paranormals. I started to wonder if I had enough songs to put together a non-goth/non-metal vampire mix. I did! You can see the song list over on Vampire Wire. And if you’d like to put together your own vampire-themed mix cd, you have until April 1 to sign up for this swap. I’m already signed up!

“And you woke me up why?” -Chaos

26 thoughts on “If it snows today, I might whimper a bit”

  1. My wardrobe is black and white. That way there are cat hairs that show on all my clothes! Mean Mommy. Waking up Chaos just for a picture. I’ll bet it took him less than a nano second to go back to sleep;-)

  2. It’s snowing here so I share your misery. We may not have spring back until April from the sounds of it. Chaos, let’s sleep all day, ok?

  3. Oh my gosh, that doesn’t even look like Chaos! When I first scrolled down I honestly thought that was a different cat.

    I had no idea you could develop film with coffee and vitamin C. You learn something new every day!

  4. The basis of my wardrobe used to be all black as well, but I’ve branched out a bit recently by adding bits of white, brown and a bunch of orange!
    Martha is being Martha with her cardboard house, but I like the one posted in the comments better. Would last longer around here as well.
    Sending belly rubs to Chaos!

  5. I signed up for the sunflower project. We were already planning to plant a variety of sunflowers on the sloping bank by the lake — now I have even more!

  6. It’s snowing big fluffy flakes here. But at least it probably won’t stick.

    My El Stupido has no interest in boxes. Or pretty much anything else I might buy or make for her. But she does love that cardboard scratcher/lounger from Target. Just had to get a new one since the old one was pretty shredded.

  7. OMG! No more with the winter!
    Never heard of the film developing thing – sounds cool.
    Not only bees disappearing – have you noticed there are no fireflies anymore?

  8. Mine like plain boxes and bags just fine. In fact, I purchased a new vacuume over the weekend and I have to wait until they tire of the box, before I can take it downstairs to be recycled. My Nora loves to lead on the top and slide down into the box.

  9. Everyone knows why the bees are disappearing. Aliens are kidnapping them because they are the most intelligent species on earth.

    Aww. Such a cute picture of Chaos as a kitten and a guy you were dating. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the link to the bee stuff.

    I saw the Martha Stewart cat house and for one brief moment I thought about making one. Maybe one of these days I’ll just stack two boxes together and make some more modern, plain windows.

    Poor Chaos having his beauty sleep interrupted.

  11. Yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled about the snowflakes merrily dancing through the air yesterday.

    Black’s my go-to fashion basic, but perhaps I should mix it up a bit and coordinate with my kittehs (this means adding some brown and white). 🙂

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