Frivolous Friday

Everybody wants to be a cat
Because the cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at
Everybody’s picking up on that feline beat
Because everything else is obsolete

– Psapp, “Everybody Wants To Be a Cat”

When I got home from work yesterday, Chaos was completely back to his usual Chaotic self. Yay!!

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m a badass kitty – what would I possible be afraid of?! Wait, did you hear something???”

Some contests to tell you about. First, Aija of Sock Pr0n is having a very interesting contest that’s open until July 23rd. Second, Wendy (yes, that Wendy) is having a needle identification contest that’s open until noon ET July 23rd. Third, Susan’s clever and amusing contest is “dress Ken” and is open until July 29th. Fourth, Frarochvia says “Leave a deafie-type question you’ve been wondering about, and hmmm, there will be a random drawing for a prize!”

It suddenly occurred to me this morning during breakfast that I haven’t taken very many Project Spectrum pictures this month. Considering that purple is my second favorite color (black being the first), this was quite a shock (especially since it was 5:45 am). So I immediately pulled out the camera and took a few pictures. Let’s just say that my photographic skills are not the greatest at that time of morning! Oh well, I got most of the cat in the pictures. What’s an ear here or there?!

Some purple fabric from Crafty Planet that I was powerless to resist. This is very amusing, since I don’t sew.

“I’m sure I heard something. You don’t hear it?!”

Two purple mice – one old, one new. Can you tell which is which?!

“Oh, SPM, if you would but share the secret of where SRM is!”

“I’m sure I can convince you to give up your secrets!”

46 thoughts on “Frivolous Friday”

  1. I adore that purple fabric! A little skirt perhaps, when you learn to sew? never?

    I actually prefer the mouse on the right – talk about showin’ some love – it must’ve taken HOURS of careful rolling licking altered cat state to get the effect. Well done, Chaos!

  2. I love the aristocats 🙂
    That fabric reminds me of Knitnana’s bags! Those things rock!
    Maybe you could use it as a lining for a bag or something.

  3. Black and purple; you and I should be in heaven this month and next for PS. Black is definitely my favorite color to wear (I mean it’s slimming and looks pretty good on me), but I definitely own a bit of purple as well. (Okay, and pink, but it looks good on me:)

  4. So glad Chaos is feeling better. Noisy guys on ladders are much easier to have around if they have tuna stuffed in their pockets.

  5. What? You’re not a paragon of artistic photographic genius at 5:45am? Say it isn’t so! (I still think that fabric is adorable and I don’t sew either)

  6. I love the cat fabric.. I’d have a knitting tote made out of that as well! I had NO trouble working on purple knitting projects this month as it seems that purple is ALL I knit! I’m not actually sure how much purple is in my HOUSE though since most of my purple is in clothing. Aww.. love the upside-down Chaos on the fridge! Is he being a vulture?

  7. Glad to see Chaos is back to normal. I have a feeling we’re goign to put Abner over the edge when we have the work done on our floors. And poor Basil will have to move out of the house for a while when we remove the old flooring. Wanna babysit a bird Chaos?

  8. Glad to hear (and see) Chaos is back to being Chaotic, and not quite so much Neurotic (well, at least no more than usual) 😉

    Boy – my girls will have some tales to tell, I’m sure, when I return from Cincinatti!

  9. So glad Chaos is better! I was just going to recommend a Carribean vacation for you two. Maybe to meet his non-krinkle tailed doppleganger!!

    That fabric is awesome!! You should send it to someone who sews so they can make you something with it!! 🙂

  10. Hi! I’m here on the Amazing Lace Pit Stop.

    What a beautiful kitty Chaos is. I’ve been cat-less for a few months now and I’m ready to be owned once again.

    Hope your lace is going better than mine. See you at the finish line.

  11. What is it with cats and fridges?! Mae did that when she was a kitten, only she rolled off once(and landed on her feet), and was thoroughly embarassed. She doesn’t go up there any longer…

    Love the fabric!!!

  12. how much of that purple fabric do u have? i would be willing to trade for some black fabric i have… with little silver paw prints on it. 🙂

  13. Hi! You moved! (yes…it has been that long since I read blogs…today is Kirsten Reads Blogs Day in Portland. I think it’s a state holiday in fact!)

    Poor Chaos with all the loud noises! Jamal is the same…all toough and bitey until something makes a loud noise that he can’t see. Poor little fluffies…

    Hope you are well. Oh–one of my friends has just gone GF…hopefully it will help us both! Crazy.

  14. What is the voodoo of the cute fabric? I’ve been amassing it at an alarming rate, and I haven’t even looked at my sewing machine in at least 15 years. And now I have to go see what else is available on the website you links. sigh.

  15. Deb is right, Chaos in upside down on your frig! Isn’t he? Glad to hear he’s almost back to normal.

    That fabric is irresistable. And some day, you may sew. Or know someone who does.

  16. Chaos has amazing powers of recuperation, we stand amazed (well, The Cat lays prone amazed, but Chaos will understand, I’m sure).

    Why is it always SRM that gets lost? Even though SPM obviously looks… loved…

    I miss the bibs…

  17. Oh… and either because I am OLD, or because I am the world’s most obsessive collector of children’s books and films, I’ve got another bit of trivia to foist on y’all – your quoted song was originally from Disney’s ‘The Aristocats’… 🙂

    Why do I remember *that*, but not remember to pick my keys back up off the counter after I’ve paid for something at the store?

  18. Chaos you sure are the king of lounging around!

    And the mousies are cool. Especially the manky old one. What use is a pristine toy – oh no only the old torn ones really do the job properly 😉

    Even Thunder took the nose off his little Lamby in a day. Had to make it his own see…..

  19. That purple kitty fabric is so cute! I’m glad that Chaos has recovered from the fright he had. My Lucy has spent most of the summer hiding in the closet.

  20. He certainly looks composed and debonair now! If that was one of our cats, that pose would be immediately followed by an undignified scrambling plummet to the floor…..

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