Pride trekketh

I’ll start with a quick SRP update…

Blood Rites by Jim Butcher. Book 6 of the Dresden Files. 372 pages. Once again, Chicago wizard-for-hire Harry Dresden faces tough enemies and deals with startling revelations. I love this series.
Dark Tort by Diane Mott Davidson. 284 pages. The latest mystery about Colorado caterer Goldy Schultz – what else can I say? 🙂 It’s light reading with recipes.

Amy of Knit Think sent me an email a few days ago, mentioning that she would working at the Mother Bear Project booth at the GLBT Pride Festival in Loring Park yesterday and that, since I live in the neighborhood, I should stop by and say hi. Okey dokey.

I haven’t ever been to the Pride Festival before. I was amazed at how large it was. Thousands of people and hundreds of booths surrounded the lake in Loring Park – this picture is only a tiny portion of the Festival.

Fortunately, I stumbled on the Mother Bear booth very quickly. I saw Amy (left) and met another local blogger, Julie (right).

The Mother Bear Project has sent nearly 11,000 bears to children in emerging nations whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS. There’s definitely going to be some bear knitting here at Casa de Chaos over the winter! It doesn’t hurt that these bears are seriously cute. If you’re interested in helping the project in some way other than by knitting a bear, there’s information here.

I had my purple Trekking socks with me, so I snapped a few pictures in the lovely Loring Park garden. Yes, I finally made it past the yarn vomit!

Out of all the benches in the garden, I was pleased and saddened to chance across this one:

I know you’re all worried about Chaos. He wasn’t too happy with the Pride Festival’s fireworks, but I did come back from the festival with a silly little toy that seems to have puzzled him…

“You’re not going to make me play with this in the tub, are you?!!”

37 thoughts on “Pride trekketh”

  1. I love that Mother Bear Project! I think that’s going to be my new charity knitting when I send off the pink scarves. Thank you for linking to it.

    Love the pink duckie.

  2. Pink? What sort of a color is that for such a magnificent creature like Chaos?

    Sounds like a great day. I need to plan a trip to Minneapolis. It sounds like a nice place.

  3. Man your a fast reader! I picked up some books at borders yesterday. MAN I love that place.

    Love the pink ducky! Does it squeak??

  4. There are so many great knitting charities – I’m going to have to do some serious planning soon so I can add one or two to my MO.

    I miss the Wellstones, too.

  5. Love all your photographs. Sounds like a fun day, thanks for the link to the mother bear project. Oooooh, you are in trouble, first bibs, now a pink duckie

  6. the mother bear project is soooo great. let me know if you want some “french” yarn, I’d be happy to help you with them.

  7. Those are some deeply adorable bears! Looks like the Pride fest is huge. The sock looks like it enjoyed itself. 🙂

    If you do get Chaos in the tub with the duckie, be sure your camera is handy. 😉

  8. It was great to meet you, Chris! Thank you so much for posting the photos. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve stolen them…

    Anybody who is interested in getting a pattern can visit the Mother Bear Project website at Be warned, though… once you start making bears, you’ll be ruined for anything else. They’re like crack for knitters!


  9. Has it been 4 years already? I miss the Wellstones. Sigh.

    Poor Chaos. Such an abused and miserable life. The burning question: is he more like Bert or more like Ernie?

  10. Paul Wellstone was such a great man. Thank you for sharing his memorial. Good work on the Trekking socks. Moxie hates July…I’m sure Chaos does, too.

  11. My beloved Yorkie hated fireworks and would be twitterpated for most of July.

    See? I told you Chaos would look smashing with pink. A rubber duckie is just the thing!

    Love the sock.

    Our LYS knits the Mother Bears for charity once a month. Your pictures convinced me to try it out.

  12. Chaos – its a helpless pink bird! I’m sure he started having fun with it the moment you weren’t looking ;o) I saw a basket full of those bears at the Yarniverse! It looks like a great pattern that wouldn’t be too hard to duplicate, and so many varieties you have photographed! Great socks – glad the yarn is cooperating now.

    About the sad part – yea, J and I both feel for them too. It was an awful thing to hear. :o(

  13. How on earth did I not know it was Pride weekend? Dammit! Looks like a great time was had by all, even the purple Trekking sock.

    The Mother Bear project is very cool! I just ordered the pattern – looks like it’ll be a great use for all of these odds & ends of yarn that have been accumulating.

    I still get teary when I think of the Wellstones. Mason Jennings has a song called “The Ballad of Paul and Sheila” that makes me cry every freaking time I hear it. Their deaths were a great tragedy.

  14. Sounds like you had a great time at the festival. After seeing your posts about the Dresden Files books I put the first one on my hold list at the library. I’m #10 on the list, good thing I have some book waiting to be read here at home. =)

  15. Gosh, the lake in your park looks a lot like the one in ours. Unfortunately, Pride got rained out this year here. In fact, there was a huge wind that came through on Friday night that destroyed the performance stage and a lot of the vendors tents. Not a good weekend for fun in Atlanta. I also need to pull out my Mother Bear pattern and get to work. Hmm, another excuse to go to the yarn store!

  16. Chaos looks like he doesn’t trust the pink duck. He’ll have to knock it around a bit to show it who’s the boss. I love the Goldy mysteries. They always make me hungry though. And like maybe I could cook.

  17. I love the Mother Bear idea – it is so much fun!

    Socks are coming along nicely 🙂 It is weird to see your toe up with circs as I keep expecting pointy sticks!

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