Sculpture garden

Twilight in the sculpture garden
We’ll walk around the place
Look upon the beautiful secrets
That all the artists made

– Semisonic

On Sunday, I also wandered through the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, just across the street from Loring Park. Probably the best known sculpture is Spoonbridge and Cherry, which is also a fountain (the water comes out of the end of the stem when the fountain is on).

Minneapolis is sometimes called the “Mini-Apple.” (Please note that the buildings of downtown are not slowly toppling over to the left. Whoops.)

I’m particularly fond of Woodrow.

And of Standing Glass Fish, which is located in a small conservatory on the west edge of the Sculpture Garden.

I thought that Paul Walters Piece looked like a very large ball of yarn.

Which reminded me to get out my Trekking sock and take another picture of it.

And then I headed home…

“I don’t think I like what you’re implying here.”

37 thoughts on “Sculpture garden”

  1. You mean that’s not yarn? How disappointing! And I ain’t telling you what I thought Standing Glass Fish was before I saw the tail!

  2. What cool sculptures, I especially like the cherry fountain, I’ll have to show Josh when he gets home. I wish we had cool sculptures like you do. Nice sock!

  3. The bench saying, huh!? Weird. Weird.

    Love the cherry and spoon! And of course the ball of yarn. Dessert and yarn, top life priorities.

    Where did you get that button? Poor Chaos….

  4. I second Marina’s comment on what I thought the fish was before I scrolled down further… Whoopsee! But, I love that ‘ball of yarn’

    Chaos, it’s a compliment, so says Atticus…

  5. I wish we had art like that near me! Those are all so beautiful. I especially like the first. It makes me want to climb it and slide down. LOL.

  6. The fish is amazing! Your trekking socks really do trek ;o)

    Chaos has been up to more than even he realizes? He’s not bad, he just looks that way in pictures.. a lot … hehe

  7. Huh. I had to scroll back up to see what the fish could possibly be mistaken for. Uh, I think I know now.

    Love the ball of yarn! Which is what I’m sure the artist meant. And yes, that is one odd saying to carve in stone.

    I think Chaos was making sure they got his likeness down.

  8. Wow those are really neat, one of these days when we make it back to Minneapolis, I’m going to have to check that place out. Thanks for posting about it.

  9. Oh, I’ve been to the Sculpture Garden, although it’s been a few years. The fish is pretty impressive in person. It’s a great place to visit if you like sculpture.

    I love that last picture of Chaos!

  10. Is that a sticker or a pin? Where do I get one and how would I attach it to Simon? If it’s a pin, I could put it on his collar, I guess. Oh, and great sculpture, too!

  11. oh, i love sculpture gardens! (and how funny, i just posted pics of, well, of sculptures IN a garden a short while ago)

    Isis is an aspiring Chaos, methinks. Kitty gone bad, indeed…she is getting very big, and very shiny, and very…well, very VERY. You know what I mean. Or…or Chaos does.

  12. What a great sculpture garden! Thanks for sharing it. That really is an unusual saying on the bench. Does it credit the author?

  13. You got all my favorites… except the Harebell. Who could resist the visual flower-pun?

    Well, that and I’ve not yet seen the ball-of-yarn-sort-of sculpture yet (or else didn’t ever notice it)… will have to give it a close inspection next time!

    Is all that construction along 94 on the eastern half of downtown freaking you out as much as it is me? I’m pretty sure that huge complex of buildings popped up full-blown during the half hour it took me to pick up the Vampire from his class in Uptown…

  14. Nice pics! I keep meaning to check out the spoonbridge, but have yet to do it. I love the pic of Chaos reading the sticker. He hasn’t necessarily “gone bad” but he is a cat so you know he’s up to something;)

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