Ebook Giveaway: Queen’s Man by KD Sarge [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Barb, who won Super Sock Man (Knitting #1) by Amy Lane! Super Sock Man is being released by Dreamspinner Press today.

Many thanks to K.D. Sarge for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming m/m scifi romance, Queen’s Man, for a lucky commenter to win! Queen’s Man will be released by Turtleduck Press on April 1.

Though he works security for a major “tribe,” Joss Ravid will tell anyone that he doesn’t care if the ruling families of Kari’s Star kill each other off. The Galactic-imposed Interdiction may keep Kari natives stuck on their war-torn world, but Joss has connections. He can leave whenever he wants.

He’ll also tell anyone he doesn’t care about girls, but that doesn’t stop him from rescuing 12-year-old Paige, newly arrived and newly orphaned by tribe violence.

Tops on the “don’t care” list, though, is Zeke Cayden, heir to powerful Tribe Cayden. Never mind that he and Joss were lovers; that’s long gone. Saving Zeke’s life when the shooting starts is strictly business. Some tribes don’t want peace, and killing a Galactic citizen like Paige – or controlling Cayden through the heir – would serve them well.

So Joss is on the run, risking his life, his pretty face, and his precious liberty to keep Paige and Zeke alive and the peace plan that can lift the Interdiction on track. Why? Because how often does a guy get to piss off half a planet?

When Paige is taken, though, the lives of Paige and Zeke, the leadership of Cayden and the future of Kari’s Star all ride on the wrinkled shoulders of Joss’ work suit and he has to decide – can he save himself at the cost of everyone he doesn’t care about?

(Though this book is set in the Dream’verse, it is not a sequel to Knight Errant.)


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About KD

KD Sarge writes for joy and hope, and works for a living. She has tried her hand at many endeavors, including Governess of the Children, Grand Director of the Drive-Through, and Dispatcher of the Tow Trucks. Currently KD labors appreciated but underpaid in the public school system.

Past accomplishments include surviving eight one-year-olds for eight hours alone (she lasted ten months), driving a twenty-foot truck from Ohio to Arizona by way of Oklahoma, and making a six-pack of tacos in twenty-three seconds.

Writing achievements include the Weightiest First Draft Ever, as well as nine other, much lighter, completed novels. She has four universes under construction, writes science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, smut (in many genres), and means to one day undertake a cosy mystery. A widow, KD lives in Arizona with three children, two of them furred and all of them demanding.

KD can be found on her web site, her blog, or on Twitter as @KDSarge. She also has a Facebook page.

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