Happy birthday, big kitty!

*sniff* I can’t believe that Chaos turned five yesterday! As Carrie K pointed out to me recently, if he was a human kid instead of a fur kid, he’d be in preschool or possibly even kindergarten now! (She also pointed out that he would need to wear some warning labels, such as “Biter” and “Does not play well with others.”)

“What do you mean, ‘does not play well with others?!’ I’ll bite you if you don’t recant that slanderous statement, Mom!” -Chaos

Additionally, this is my 775th post. How the hell did that happen?! In honor of all this sentimentality, I must, of course, hold a contest. (Like you didn’t know that was coming.) I’ll be giving away yarn and black cat memorabilia and maybe even music or a book. (“Oh, shiny!”) Prizes can be adapted for both knitters and non-knitters.

To participate in the contest, simply leave a comment on this post by 6 pm CDT, Monday, October 6. Your comment should contain an intriguing bit of information – a favorite quote, the best book you ever read, your favorite Chaos moment, an interesting link – you get the idea. I’ll randomly select three winners.

(If you’ve never read the story of Chaos, you can find it here.)