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And yet linkity persists

Sleepy Polly on my arm.

Harry, very intent on the kitty hammock.

Linkity has weather whiplash

Love how Polly’s yawn makes it look as if she’s yelling.

Meanwhile, Harry’s just a chatty guy.


Linkity braces for the return of the hot weather

Siblings hanging out together by the window.



Late summer linkity

Polly looking worried about something.

Harry thinking deep thoughts with a hair hanging out of his mouth.

Linkity hates hail

Last Friday, we had a severe thunderstorm with hail. My poor car! 🙁 It’s challenging to get a body shop estimate at the moment because of how many vehicles were affected. But at least it was just body damage – there were broken windshields elsewhere.

Awww, Polly.

Handsome Harry!


It’s linkity!

Harry making biscuits on the fuzzy blanket.


The Lady Miss Princess Mayhem!

Linkity celebrates Harry and Polly’s 3rd birthday!

Harry and Polly looking out the window, with Mayhem drowsing in the background. Harry and Polly are going to be three on August 5th!

Harry considers the ceiling.

Super cute Polly on the couch.

Linkity whilst waiting for Good Omens S2 to drop

Harry and Polly keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

Polly upside-down cake!

Very. Alert. Harry.

Linkity from the throes of summer

No linkity next week! I have an MRI of my knees (patellofemoral instability, surgery not expected to be required) scheduled late on my linkity-making day. I expect that by the time I get home after two hours in the tube, I am going to be cranky. 😀

Harry and Polly looking out the window. (Also, the windows have been washed since this photo was taken. WHEW.)

Harry is a LARGE kitty. He’s larger than Chaos was! Apparently one of my superpowers is picking black male kittens who are going to become LARGE.

Linkity as Mayhem gently snores nearby

*blank* -Mayhem

Meanwhile, Polly has a lot to say!

And Harry looks annoyed.