Stash addition

…bike stash addition, that is! On Saturday, I bought a 2008 Specialized Sequoia, which is an entry-level road bike. Initially, I thought I’d get a women specific bicycle (WSB), because the top tube on my 1994 manbike (Specialized Crossroads hybrid) was a bit too long (i.e., slightly too much distance between the seat and the handlebars) for me. Alas, during my WSB test rides, I discovered that my toes got in the way of the front wheel when turning. Ok, forget that idea and go back to the manbikes, eh? The Sequoia is very comfortable, plus it isn’t pink or baby blue or covered with butterflies. 🙂

Since my battered old hybrid isn’t very tempting to thieves, I have it tucked into the mass bike storage area (under a stairwell) in my building. However, that wasn’t going to work for the Sequoia, so yesterday I made a slight modification to one of the walls in my living room. Really, who needs paintings on the wall?! 😉 The Sequoia is displayed on a Delta Monet Wall Mount Storage Rack, which was pretty easy to install – even for my extremely unhandy self. (Why, oh why, were the wall studs not handily located in the center of that wall?! Mental note: Watch out for bike tire upon entering living room… ouch!)

“Hmm. I find myself at a bit of a loss as to what I should do next.” -Chaos

(I am definitely going to put some stuff on top of that bookshelf to discourage cats from playing with the bike!)

52 thoughts on “Stash addition”

  1. Manbike eh? Hope you purchased a girlseat for your own comfort.

    I look forward for pictures of cats sat on bike.

  2. Just catching up now after being out of town for two weeks…

    My bike is a 1993 Specialized Crossroads! How about that for a coincidence! 🙂

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