Ebook Giveaway: Ruthless Pursuit by Stephani Hecht [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Laura Reece, who won the Threefold Anthology, donated by Kim Dare!

Many thanks to Stephani Hecht for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming paranormal m/m romance, Ruthless Pursuit (The Lost Shifters, Book 6), for a lucky commenter to win! Ruthless Pursuit will be released by eXtasy Books on Wednesday, September 15.

For panther shifter Vapor, nothing is more important to him than his feline coalition. A true soldier, he has never let them or his leader, Mitchell, down. So when he’s given his latest assignment, he doesn’t think twice before accepting it, even if it is to track down Mitchell’s youngest brother, Andrew, and bring him in. This isn’t going to be a regular rescue mission, however, since Andrew is a wanted fugitive and Vapor will be taking him back to face charges for crimes against the coalition. Still, Andrew is young and inexperienced, so Vapor knows the mission will be a snap – or at least he does until Andrew shows him otherwise.

Before he knows it, Vapor has been shot with his own gun, arrested by the human police, and his favorite car is blown up. Andrew is behind every humiliating incident, too. Then things go to a whole new level of embarrassing when Andrew seduces Vapor, then leaves him naked and handcuffed to a fence. Vapor vows that he will track down the brat and make him pay, not just for his prior criminal activity, but for each degrading encounter Vapor’s experienced. But as Vapor get closer and closer to capturing his prey, he finds himself falling for Andrew.  Then when Andrew runs to him, instead of away, Vapor finds he has to make the hardest choice of his life – his coalition or the man he loves.

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About Stephani

Stephani Hecht is a happily married mother of two. Born and raised in Michigan, she loves all things about the state, from the frigid winters to the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. Go Wings! You can usually find her snuggled up to her laptop, creating her next book or gorging on caffeine at her favorite coffee shop.

When she’s not running around like crazy, trying to get her kids to their various activities, she’s working on numerous projects.

You can visit Stephani at her blog or her website.

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