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Congrats to Nikyta, who won Wild Thing by Mia Watts! Wild Thing will be released on August 23 by Total-E-Bound.




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Fugly by K.Z. Snow. ebook. Excellent m/m romance about three extremely superficial friends who hit on the wrong man’s husband in a bar. Afterward, they discover that the men they find attractive and hit on now shun them due to a mysterious rash that has appeared on their faces.
A Red-Tainted Silence by Carolyn Gray. ebook. Very good, emotionally draining m/m romantic suspense about two successful musicians, who’ve loved each other since their teens, and the outside forces and people that have torn them apart and nearly destroyed them. Constantly switching between the present and the past, half the story is told from one’s perspective; the rest from the other’s.
Chaos Magic, Love Runes, and Personal Demons (The Gods & Chaos Series) by Jay Lygon. ebooks. Very good kinky m/m urban fantasy series about a willful submissive who’s also a powerful witch and who worships an unusual set of gods: the God of Traffic, The God of Negotiation, etc. As he tries to stay out of the way of his abusive ex, he meets a powerful and compelling dominant and his whole life changes.
The Harem Boy by Jay Lygon. ebook short. Good short kinky m/m romance about Ophir and Chris, two of the characters from the Gods & Chaos series.
Chain-Male by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks. ebook. Good, quirky m/m romance about a librarian who meets a guy in the history class he’s auditing and gets a history lesson he won’t soon forget.
His Hearth by Mary Calmes. ebook. Good m/m paranormal romance about a guy who’s wildly successful in his advertising career, but much less so when he dates.
Stirring Up Trouble by Z.A. Maxfield. Good m/m romance about a chef who only lasts a few months at any job before getting fired. He ends up working at a failing neighborhood restaurant owned by an anti-social guy who looks pretty tasty when he’s cooking in his Utilikilt…
A Big Hunk O’ Love by Hunter Raines. ebook. So-so short m/m romance about a recently divorced, deeply in the closet mechanic who takes a trip to Alaska with his (gay) best friend, who’s an Elvis impersonator.
Blind Faith by Claire Thompson. ebook short. Ok short m/m romance about a guy, blinded in a car accident, who sees himself as damaged goods that no one could find attractive anymore.
Continuum of Longing by Claire Thompson. ebook short. Ok short m/m romance about two guys who work together in a bank, neither of whom realizes that their attraction is mutual.

“What?!!” -Chaos

42 thoughts on “Leapin’ linkity lizards!”

  1. Ooh, I hadn’t realised there was a new Simon’s Cat episode. They make me laugh so much because they accurately reflect a cat’s behaviour. That’s just what my cat does when she sees a new cardboard box :).

    Interesting reading this week. I’m glad you enjoyed A Red Tainted Silence. Despite its length, it’s well worth reading. And Fugly is just a fab book.

    I’ve got a couple of these books on my TBR pile and I may have to add the God’s and Chaos series cos that sounds interesting.

  2. How I missed your links! 🙂 Always good for an hour of clicking, reading and laughing!
    A few of the books are on my ereader already, but I can’t buy Fugly (these king-cart links never allow me on their server 🙁 Probably don’t like Dutch peeps *g*). The Jay Lygon books are added to my tbb, I like the sound of them.

  3. Okay Chris, I have spent the last 90 minutes going through all of these…enjoyed every minute, but still! lol

    Thanks for pulling all of this together.

  4. I haven’t bought many ebooks yet, despite having a ton of ebook money (thank you relatives for borders gift cards). I’m finding that the books I really want to read, a number of which are in your lists, are not available at the bookstores I have the cards for. Poopy!
    A recent post from Seanna Lea..Turpins big hairyMy Profile

  5. I was sad to see that unicorns have all but disappeared off fantasy covers, just like in real life. Sigh.

    Cool history of the internet. It’s hard to believe that when my kid was born the internet didn’t even really exist and sure as hell not as we know it. I know how I got my full name as a hotmail address because I was one of the first to sign up. LOL No numbers required.

    I think I so might try to build that cat scratching post.

    I’m sending some of those food links to Kristen because I KNOW she’s going to want to try the meatman parfait. Cake AND pie? At the same time? Yes please. You can have your cake and eat your pie too.

    Love that landshark instructional video.

    Those Jay Lygon books sound like they have potential. I must get that ZAM book. I keep forgetting. Loved KZ’a and I haven’t read the others. Not sure I’m all that interested. The second one sounds too angsty for me. I have plenty to read as it is.

    Have a super duper weekend.
    A recent post from Tam..Yellow FeverMy Profile

  6. I don’t know whether to think it’s pathetic or just amusing that there is a tutorial for how to make a paper bag book cover. Don’t kids have to do that to protect their books anymore? What do they doodle on? Do 5th grade boys still draw tanks and racing cars on them? Plus, re. Target – why aren’t people also mentioning that this gubernatorial candidate thinks states don’t have to follow federal statute unless they want to — does business really think that’s a good idea? Sheesh.
    A recent post from Mary Lou..No- no- I have a better idea!My Profile

  7. I’m picturing the sneak preview of the IMAX porn movie. “We’d like to get your honest opinion of the movie, so please be sure your penile plethysmography leads are properly connected to your 3D glasses.”

  8. Thanks for the link to re: Facebook Places! I had been meaning to dig around for those settings since I noticed the new feature, but hadn’t gotten around to it. The e-book links were interesting too!

  9. Thanks for the Facebook hints. I don’t go on there a lot – hardly at all actually, but it’s nice to know about the privacy stuff.

    OMG that gf zucchini bread sounds heavenly. Have you made it?

    Fugly – Absolutely one of my favorite books of the year!
    The Gray books sounds good but I’m not sure I’m up for emotionally draining right now. 🙁
    A recent post from Tracy..Review- Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie &amp Book GiveawayMy Profile

  10. OK, so I finally got thru all the links. Fabulous as always! I enjoyed them very much.

    I loved Fugly, A Red-Tainted Silence and the Chaos Magic series. Great reading! The only other one I’ve read is Blind Faith which was okay.

    Thanks for another fun-filled Friday and for the mention. 🙂
    A recent post from Lily..Duck! by Kim DareMy Profile

  11. After reading through all the links, and going to many to read through them,I feel like Chaos.
    A new GF bakery/deli is opening tomorrow. She may expect to ride the wave of interest in the GF diet, but I certainly hope she is successful. After all, she has cake pops!!
    A recent post from margene..In the GardenMy Profile

  12. First of all, your title makes me want to break out and sing. Tomorrow…tomorrow…I love ya…tomorrow…

    Second…AHHHH…for some reason that pic of your kitty scared the bejesus out of me!

    And third, we’ve been reading the same books. 😀

  13. ROTFL at the Testicle Festival! It’s a great idea though.

    I’m sorry but if my alarm clock ran away in the morning, I’d probably let it.

    Oh oh a new Simon’s cat and another one I hadn’t seen.
    A recent post from Sydney..While I was outMy Profile

  14. I love the way ‘Testicle Festival’ rhymes. Just rolls off the tongue…and I’m referring to the rhyme 😉

    3D porn?? And IMAX? While I’m a fan of good porn (bad pron=ick), the idea of a huge schlong in 3D on a movie screen is…disturbing. Lol

  15. Congrats Nikyta!

    Oh, thank you Chris! Where to start! I missed Kris’ Choose Your Own M/M Romance? *sulks* At lease I can read it 🙂

    And I read in sips…mainly because I get twitchy unless I’m in bed and keep thinking of chores I should be doing.

    *looks at Chaos* *looks away* Nothing…
    A recent post from orannia..The Ordinary HeroineMy Profile

  16. I love Simon’s Cat, this was the first week I saw those and shared them with everyone I knew that owned a cat. Which is most of my family as they are cat people, while I”ve become more of a dog person.
    A recent post from Rebekah..Someone Stole My DonkeyMy Profile

  17. I’m so slow catching up on blogs but I loved Red Tainted Silence too.

    Now I’ll be here for a week or more catching up on links. Don’t mind me 🙂

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