I actually have things to blog about. Really. I have a pair of socks completely knitted, with only the ends left to weave in… but since I let the socks unattended for a few minutes while I was knitting them, Mayhem helped make sure I would have many more ends to weave in. I even have a second pair of socks (we shall call them the “clown vomit socks” – you’ll see why) nearly half knitted. And I biked both Saturday (15.5 miles) and Sunday (12 miles).

But… I don’t have pictures of any of that stuff yet. So, allow me to present a cat! Sleeping in her toybox! So cute! (Are you distracted yet??)

“I was sleeping. Who can sleep with that thing flashing all the time?!” -Mayhem

“Really, Mom, my nerves can’t ta… zzzzzz….” -Mayhem