In which I attempt to redirect his attentions…

For those who were curious, here’s the mini dressmaker’s form that Chaos found so intriguing yesterday. I picked it up Tuesday for a little decoupage experiment after the Knitting Olympics. (Does the word “decoupage” give anyone else a total flashback to ’70s craft projects?!)

Something very cool and serendipitous happened yesterday. I was over at Pink Rocket’s and saw that she’s opening a store in the very near future. I left her a comment, asking if she’d take an order for a black cat softie. Then I went down to get my mail and found a box from Pink Rocket… Meet “Girlfriend”!!

“Wow, she’s pretty cute. But she doesn’t smell quite right…”
“Mom!!! She’s taking over!!! Mom!!!”

I think she’ll settle in just fine…

Thanks again, Pink Rocket!! I spent most of the evening just grinning at Girlfriend as she stalked along the top of the cds… while I wasn’t knitting away on my Olympic sweater, that is. Body done up to the armpits, sleeve one done up to where it will join the body, and sleeve two about 6″ along. And I think a bit of pinot noir really helped on the gauge issue… at least I didn’t care so much about it!

25 thoughts on “In which I attempt to redirect his attentions…”

  1. Now I’m all jealous of Girlfriend. I was hoping I could hook Chaos up with Lucy. She’s a beautiful tabby with perfect asymetrical markings, likes long naps and playing with furry mice. Dislikes bad litterbox etiquette and getting wet.

  2. I’m so glad to see that Chaos no longer needs to carry on with a surrogate, but now has a Girlfriend of his own. Maybe he can get her to clean the litter box. Girlfriends are supposed to take over Mom’s duties eventually, right?

  3. What a cute pair of kitties! Chaos is getting plenty of ribbing about his new Girlfriend (cute name too!)

    The gauge thing is funny ;o) I needed this after the squabble at work today… My girls don’t like me when I’m worried.. they think I’ll vaccuum them up or throw them in the washing machine like everything else that gets in my path ;o)

  4. Chaos is such a riot! I loved seeing her fight with the dressform. The new kitty is very cute too, I’m going to have to check out her shop!

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