Ebook Giveaway: Reasonable Doubt by Mia Watts [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Renee, who won the copy of The Onion Girl by Charles de Lint, and to Lily, who won the copy of Double Shot Cappuccino by Stephani Hecht (which was released on Sunday)!

Many thanks to Mia Watts for donating a copy of her forthcoming m/m romantic suspense, Reasonable Doubt (The Boys in Blue, Book 2), for a lucky reader to win! Reasonable Doubt will be released June 21 from Total-E-Bound.

Geo and Mack have faced a lot of problems, but when the problem is within their relationship, will Mack come clean and claim his man, or lose him to an old flame?

Geo Wilson’s feelings for his partner Mack Sullivan run deep. But formerly straight Mack grows distant when Geo’s old flame, a former female detective gone FBI, comes to town to take over the lead on their case. Geo makes no effort to discourage the woman, and Mack wonders if he missed the break up memo.

Geo’s apparent rejection hurts and Mack begins to have reasonable doubts about where they stand.

For Mack, taking the next step is a huge risk and one Geo has never taken before. Geo’s friendliness with the former girlfriend could be a sign of changing affection. It wouldn’t be the first time Geo has left a broken heart in his wake and Mack’s beginning to wonder if he’s just become another notch in Geo’s belt. All that’s left now is the case and as it comes to a close, will Mack and Geo catch the killer only to lose each other?

(This book is best read in sequence after Bad Boys, Bad Boys.)

About Mia

Mia makes her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she divides her time between a job and spying on people. Mia enjoys long walks in Como Park (except for the damn geese), daisies, dancing in the snow…(Delete prior sentence, meant for personal ad)…

Mr. Perfect may apply in person for a thorough evaluation and trial. All others will be towed.

You can visit Mia at her website and at her blog.

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45 thoughts on “Ebook Giveaway: Reasonable Doubt by Mia Watts [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. Books which such covers should be prohibited, because I want to read something, even without knowing the plot ;). Please, count me in!
    A recent post from Barbara..Giveaway!My Profile

  2. Holy cow. Lily’s on a roll. I’ll try for this one, even though for some reason I haven’t read the first despite good things I’ve heard. If I win though I’ll be sure to read it first.
    A recent post from Tam..Sunday SundayMy Profile

  3. I’d like to know what happens to these two. Put my name in the hat, please. 😀

  4. LOL, gotta have a clean foot with the leg Chaos!

    Please enter me for this one too Chris – sounds good.


  5. ok Chris is this the right one for Mia’s book? If it is please enter me inthe contest, if not just let me know and I’ll hunt the right place down!

  6. Congrats Lilly & Renee! I love Mia’s books, count me in please. That cover is divine.

  7. Now that looks like a stealth kittie for sure… LOL!
    NO need to enter me.. Just stopping by to get back in my grove! Hope all has been well in the Kittie Manor!!!
    Hope all has been well in the Mama Manor as well, lol!

  8. I wonder why it is when cats clearn themselves its beneficial, but when Django licks his foot constantly – because I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s part cat – he gets sores and we have to put antibiotic foot powder on his feet to get them to heal.
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  9. Please count me in!

    Strange how cats always pick sleeping and quiet times to clean ONLY their paw and face… at least that’s what mine do (when they aren’t cleaning each other!!

  10. Count me in. I have not read any books by Mia. If I win the book I will get the first one and read it also.

  11. Chaos, you’ll be a clean cat … no worries!!
    And please count me in!!

  12. What a clean kitty you are, Chaos! My parent’s Burmese cat Rip used to groom himself so much he licked himself bald on one flank. The vet said he, a pampered house kitty, was under stress. So Rip got an extra helping of flaked tuna with egg canned food everyday, and then he stopped licking himself bald. Not that you should try anything like that, Chaos.
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  13. I’ve never won anything. Okay, I rarely win anything. This would make a nice change of pace.

  14. Oooh… count me in! And you know which direction that cat’s working toward, don’t you? (Clean butt, clean butt clean butt…)

  15. I definitely want to be counted in for this. I really like the sound of partners at work and at play.

    And Chaos looks a bit loopy in this photo….catnip and valium perhaps?

  16. Please count me in. I just read the Bad Boys, Bad Boys today and loved it.


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