Print and Ebook Giveaway: Dark Designs by Luisa Prieto [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Luisa Prieto for donating both a print (US only) and an ebook (worldwide) copy of her recent dark fantasy m/m release, Dark Designs (Half Lives, Book 1)! Rest assured that I have already started pestering her about the sequel. 🙂

Paperback via MLR Press

Ebook via Aspen Mountain Press

The Dark is coming… Moments after an enigmatic tattooed woman approached him, freelance journalist Kyler Withers began remembering a past life. Once known as Etherwolf, Kyler was a mage-knight serving a sentient evil known as the Darkness. The knights are rising… Since the time when humanity crouched around trembling fires, the Darkness has watched, growing hungry. Angry. Now, its knights have all been reborn, and Kyler is the first to wake. The Dark is waiting for him. In another life, Kyler gloried in his power. Now, he was horrified. As he struggled to escape both his past and his former allies, he realized that the Darkness’ time had come. Soon, the rest of the knights will gather and begin the last battle. If he can’t resist the Darkness, Kyler knows he’ll help it destroy everything, starting with the former lover he’d once hoped to seduce to the Dark.



Says Luisa About Herself…

Dark fantasy writer by day, dark fantasy writer by night. I’m charmingly dull that way. 😉

You can visit Luisa at her website and her blog. Also, please note that the book has been approved by Luisa’s cat, Darian!

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  1. The cat says okay, so I have to enter … we don’t want an angry cat, do we??

    As I live across the big Atlantic, I would say I prefer the ebook version.


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