Maybe my new rule should be

…if you’re going to be on the table, you’ll have to wear a bib. 🙂

“I do not like this rule.” -Mayhem

“I do not like this rule at all.” -Mayhem

“Have I mentioned how much I do not like this rule?” -Mayhem

“Really, this rule is too cruel.” -Mayhem

46 thoughts on “Maybe my new rule should be”

  1. Since there is no way you can keep cats off the table (or counter, or anywhere else they may want to be), I think your new rule is reasonable 🙂

    May, you look so good in pink!

  2. Your pictures remind me of the prison warden who makes the (male) inmates wear pink underwear. It’s just part of the punishment for scofflaws, May.

  3. HAHAHAHA! That’s a good rule!

    I may institute something similar: stealing tomatoes off the counter and/or messing with the laundry room doors means a nail trimming, whether it’s needed or not. Ha!

  4. In that third picture, I’d swear that May was making puppy dog eyes. Which is all very confusing because she’s a cat….

    I think my brain just broke.

  5. GOOD RULE!!!!
    I’ll bet it will keep Chaos off the table!
    (the pink is striking against her black fur!)
    (Chris, I think you just might have found the solution!)

  6. omgosh – these last two made me laugh so hard. whatever is it with cats and dining room tables?
    I love your new rule – and I think I need to start knitting some bibs – such a funny consequence.

  7. Bibs vs. a spray bottle. You are sooo much nicer that I am.

    FYI: tuna is appropriate compensation for bib wearing

  8. You should have useda colour that did not look so good. That way kitties inborn need to look good would be offended and the association withthe table would be…table=indignity….

  9. May – hopefully your agent wrote in your modeling contract that you receive a nice can of tuna for payment! Has anyone told you that pink is your color???

  10. I’m sorry, May…you look so very endearing in that pink bib. You have the “long-suffering” look down pretty well (practing in the mirror, are we?) but that doesn’t change anything. I WILL however restrain myself from pleading with Mom for *more* pictures of you wearing bibs. I know how you feel about the whole thing.

  11. Oh How Cute!!!! I just love the pink bib, what pattern is it? I have a new nephew who would look cute in blue or green and my best friend has a new great-niece. Bibs needed. I think May should get an Oscar for being so still and good. She must have quietly realized how excellent she was looking and decided she wanted more pictures for her portfolio for when she poses for PlayCat!
    Hugs for your babies,
    Ann in Dallas

  12. At least the bib is still on! 🙂 I’ve tried that rule too. It’s usually met with screaming, ripping, and throwing of the offensive coverage.

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