Linkity has been preempted for an Ebook Giveaway: In and Out (Men of Smithfield) by LB Gregg [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to L. B. Gregg for donating a copy of her forthcoming m/m romance, In and Out (Men of Smithfield), for me to give away to a lucky winner! This contest will run through 9 pm CDT today, May 13. That way you should know whether you’ve won or not before the book is released by Aspen Mountain Press on May 14. 🙂 (Yes, yes, Linkity will be back – check in tomorrow!)

Former television sensation and renowned world explorer, Holden Worthington, is held prisoner by crippling agoraphobia. When a sexy young laborer arrives to set his property to rights, a ray of light glimmers in Holden’s dark and narrow world. A grisly discovery throws the two men together, and Holden finds his world turned inside out by his inappropriate longing for his awkward, young employee, Adam Morgan, and by a threat growing around them both. All of Smithfield believes Holden has something to hide, and Adam is determined to bring everything – including Holden Worthington – into the open.



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About L. B.

L. B. Gregg began writing in the spring of 2008 at the encouragement of author pal, Josh Lanyon. She never once looked back (although occasionally she looked down and tripped over her own feet). 2009 saw the publication of her best selling Men of Smithfield series. L. B. lives in the Connecticut hills with two lazy dogs, three above-average children, and a smoking hot husband who, thank the good Lord, loves to cook.

You can visit L. B. at her website, The Smithfield Gazette, or at her blog, Nose in a Book.

Contest Rules

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  • If you win, please respect the author’s intellectual property and don’t make copies of the ebook for anyone else.
  • This contest is open worldwide!

“Mom, those boys are purple. That’s just not natural!” -Mayhem

“And that black cougar’s turquoise eyes were so natural…” *rolls eyes* -Me

35 thoughts on “Linkity has been preempted for an Ebook Giveaway: In and Out (Men of Smithfield) by LB Gregg [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. I am entering the contest.

    I love L.B. Gregg’s works and look forward in reading this.

  2. They may be purple but they sure are purty! Enter me please, I love those men of Smithfield! (Wish I could visit and just gaze at all the eyecandy *g*)

  3. I’m entering the contest!

    How I wish Smithfield was real, just so I could meet them all!

  4. I sssooo love LB’s writing and really want this book! I’ll too put on a begging look like May is wearing if it will help me snag a copy.

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