Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 22nd (YCMMSG)

Welcome to another edition of Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today you’ll meet You Can’t Make Me Smile Guy (YCMMSG). YCMMSG is

The White Knight

who, upon


in the (obviously clone-inducing)

Stellar Heat

of the


, declared, “You are

The One for Me

!”, immediately began to grow his hair,

example of really, really unfortunate hair

and said, “Hey, baby, give me some sugar



They never learn about the hair, do they?

“Oh, Mom, look! A black kitty! Doesn’t he have pretty turquoise eyes?!” -Mayhem

(Crap, is it time to have that talk with her?!)

37 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 22nd (YCMMSG)”

  1. Long hair, and not blond, but white this time. :-O Poor YCMMSG…you do realize I had to think way too hard to type out that acronym correctly. lol

    Oh, no. ‘The talk’. Good luck with that!
    .-= Ava March´s last blog ..Pool Party Meme =-.

  2. Wow. I have only 2 comments for the Quartetto cover.

    1) Fix the hair! I mean, it isn’t impossible to do well, but don’t make your interns do it.

    2) Does the woman need a snack? I make some pretty good cookies and some excellent burgers (for a vegetarian) and that is an awful lot of bony ribs.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..月曜ばか =-.

  3. Uhhoo….. Think the “talk” is coming up sooner than you thought, lmbo!!!

    Let me know how that goes… lol…

    Thanks for the smiles honey!!
    I hope you are having as good as a Monday can be!

  4. That hair was actually painful to look at!

    I need to find some of that that clone inducing Stellar Heat…I might actually make my deadlines that way.

    Oh May…that kitty’s wearing contacts.

  5. LOL Chris;

    It is tough to decide when to have “the talk” with the young ones isn’t it.

    Do you like those blue eyes Mayhem? Yummy…

    Love Stock Photography.

    I hope you enjoyed a nice weekend Chris. I can’t see all the pictures here at work but am going to revisit if I’m not semicomatosed by the time I get home tonight.

    Thanks for the giggle..

  6. Wow. Just wow. Who looked at that hair and said, “I think that looks good”? Seriously.

    When you sit down with May to have that talk, remember to be open and honest. Also, talk to her about how good kitties can wind up with bad reputations, and she shouldn’t through hers away over some sexy eyes.

  7. Uh-oh! Not That Talk! LOL! Wish I could listen in on that conversation. 😉

    Well, they certainly got their money shot…used it seven times.

  8. OMG they photoshoped Cher’s hair on those boys!

    Some of the hair stuff is pretty bad…but that cover must be the worst!

  9. If you look at the side of his face, you can see tabby stripes! They’re black on near-black. 🙂

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