Kreature feature

As some of you know, Jeanne is now blogless (hopefully this is a temporary condition), so she gave me permission to post this exceptional picture of her cat Kreature modeling baby booties. Apparently the secret to such successful modeling shots is to sneak up while your cat is asleep… too bad my cats wake up every time I even think of moving. Oh well. Project details are available over on Ravelry.

*zzzzzzzzzzz….* “Wha….?” *zzzzzzzzzz…* -Kreature

On Monday, I knitted a slightly modified java jacket in order to keep frosty glasses of beer and other summer beverages from freezing my fingers and melting all over the place.

I know, you’re so surprised that it’s black, right? 😉 Actually, the black makes sense, as it doesn’t show coffee or chocolate stains, which has been a problem with my white and black java jacket.

“I am so not amused. And you are obviously far too easily amused. Hmph.” -Chaos