The first two people to guess where Kristi’s photos were taken will get 8×10 prints of that location. Get your guesses in by Thursday or Friday of this week.

Holly’s been participating in the 52 Pair Plunge (knit a pair of socks each week from April 1, 2007, to April 1, 2008). This experience has inspired her to revamp the poem “The Charge of Light Brigade” into “The Charge of the Sock Brigade.” Help her add verses to her poem and if your verse is particularly good, you could win some sock yarn!

  • Yesterday morning was rough. First, I dreamed about one of my coworkers in a way that left me feeling a titch uncomfortable around him in the office yesterday. D’oh! Second, between hitting snooze the first time and actually crawling out of bed a while later, I completely convinced myself that it was Friday morning. Double d’oh! I was so sad when I realized how very wrong I was…
  • After years of searching for US00/1.75mm circular needles for sock knitting, suddenly there are two choices: Hiya Hiya (strangely not mentioned on their own website, but available from retailers) and Addi Lace. Many thanks to Bethany for alerting me to this development!
  • Does it surprise you to learn that, with all the vampire and shapeshifter sorts of books I read, I’m not a fan of horror? Well, except for H.P. Lovecraft, but he’s too darn scary to read very often.
  • Have I mentioned that I will most likely be spending several weeks in the UK this September? My stepmom will be teaching at Alnwick Castle (the castle in Harry Potter) and I will have the chance to stay in the castle with she and my dad! I’m also hoping to spend some time with the Paos.
  • My ASL I class is done for the quarter. Of the eight sessions, I was sick for one and the instructor had to cancel the last class due to a family emergency. I’ve signed up for ASL I again next quarter, as I really don’t feel ready to move on to ASL II. If the instructor disagrees, ASL II is two days after ASL I, so I can change classes.
  • I have been knitting – expect a major bib photoshoot sometime soon, as a plague of babies is about to descend upon my office. Although, since Mayhem knocked a beer over onto my bib-in-progress last night, it looks like I have some bib washing ahead of me, too. I’m guessing it’s poor form to give baby gifts that smell like beer…

“I can’t believe you told about that, Mom. I’m so ashamed… now everyone will think I’m clumsy!” -Mayhem

Um, sweetie? I have some bad news for you – you are clumsy… I’m sure if Chaos ever stops biting your whiskers off, you’ll be much more graceful. (P.S. Probably you should stop nursing from him, too.)

45 thoughts on “Incoherency”

  1. Hmm, maybe the two are related, she nurses from him so he bites her whiskers off??

    (but it’s OK May… you’re still very pretty and we all have a shortcoming or five…)

  2. I’ll do the supernatural books…horror, well, that depends on the author.

    May, if you wanted to taste the beer, you should just ask instead of try to pour it out yourself.

  3. Chris- Beer on bibs, whisker biting, nursing, getting your days mixed up? What’s going on at Chez Chris?

    You lucky ducky- going to Britain and seeing the Paos.

  4. So cool about going to the UK and the HP castle!

    If Chaos stopped chewing off May’s whiskers, she’d have nothing to blame her clumsiness on, so….

  5. Oh what an embarrassing post for poor Mayhem.

    I have to say I snickered real good over the baby gifts smelling like beer. Tee, hee.

    Yep, I’ve had a few of those dreams, makes for a very awkward day at work.

  6. I guess you’re not the only one with neurotic cats.
    Oooh, that’ll be a fab trip you’ve got planned. We (your readers) expect lots of pictures, of course.
    When does the next quarter start? Feel free to contact me whenever if you want to meet for some practice. : )

  7. I had a crummy day too. And I’ve had those office dreams! They are creepy. Reminds me of that friends episode where Phoebe’s mad at Ross because of a dream.

  8. How fun to be able to go to England! September should be a nice time of year for it too.

    I’ve never been into the horror books, too scary as I usually read before bed. I used to read a lot of fantasy, but I either grew out of that or the quality of the writing has gone down.

    Poor May! Is the whisker removal a consequence of the nursing?

  9. I happen to have acquired myself the Hiya-Hiya needles (Double Ewe) a while back and I LURVE them deeply. It shouldn’t surprise you that they are currently stuck in the brach’s sock.

  10. Nothing wrong with a little beer on the bib. I was at a lunar baby dinner (it’s a Chinese thing) recently and the newborn received a very expensive bottle of scotch!

  11. May – I just thought you wanted a drink!

    Have you tried the Hiya Hiya’s? I’m curious.

    My Ozzie is constantly trying to nurse off of Kona – my kids freak out. Boys are uncomfortable with that whole thing.

  12. How nice of Chaos and May to let you go to England! I’m not sure mine would give me permission for that kind of trip. Either that, or they are planning one major catnip party…

  13. That’s so cool that you’ll be spending time in Alnwick Castle! Have you told Chaos and May yet?

    I’ve been knitting bibs lately too. There’s been a baby outbreak in town.

  14. Wow. That’s a LOTTA information…hmmm…I guess the best part was the possible vacation in UK. And just what do the kitties think of THAT?

  15. How funny about the whiskers! When our first two cats were kits, Tigger would just pounce all over George and just torture him to no end. Then George would just wait for Tigger to fall asleep, and would chew his whiskers AND his eyebrow whiskers to nothing. Poor cat was “bald” for about the first 6 months we had him!

  16. Addi Lace has 00 needles?? It’s a darn shame the employee at Skacel didn’t know that when my LYS called or they could have had some of my money. Instead I ended up with metal DPNs, which work fine, but are not well suited to bus knitting since I tend to drop my free needle every now and then.

  17. Cheshire bites Nutmeg’s whiskers off – I am told it is a dominance thing.
    I hope your trip to the UK comes off – check out – she lives in Lancashire which is not that far away. If you do get to Hogwarts you will have to show off many photos!

  18. It feels wrong for me to be here at 7.43 pm. Usually I’m here first thing!

    You’re not a fan of horror? I have to admit, I am kind of surprised.

    In all of your excitement about going to the UK, don’t forget about Toronto, baby.

  19. We are very very excited about your visit 🙂

    I could say that there will worse things than beer on that bib when the baby is wearing it….

  20. Oooh, you’re trip sounds fun! Poor old May, no wonder she’s clumsy if Chaos keeps biting her whiskers off 🙂

    We have a whiskerless chinchilla. But his brother tries to mate with him so he gets his own back 🙂

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