37 thoughts on “In which what was foreshadowed comes to pass”

  1. Chris- To perform an authentic Maydini, it has to be underwater. And cats hate water…unless it’s in the toilet.

    Now I have that song stuck in my head….”I wanna be like Harry Houdini…”

  2. You know, you give them treats when they get their nails clipped. I sure hope you compensate them adequately for being such gracious models… maybe with tuna?

  3. Looking at these pictures of your poor cat stuck in a bib reminded me of the time I dressed up our Old English Sheepdog, Holly. I put one of my mom’s bras on her (keep in mind this was during a period of my mom’s life when she was quite chesty) and one of my mom’s slips around her hind end, painted her toenails and let her out to go pee. And OF COURSE, she got loose and ran up and down the neighbourhood streets in my mom’s intimates with bright red nails.

    I think I might have told you this story already, but still, it’s what I thought of when I saw May in the bib.

  4. It’s not that Mayhem is necessarily bossing his bibs arouns, He secretly just prefers to have them called “capes” not bib’s. (as in super capes)

  5. I followed the Chaodini link. They DO both have little white chest bibs. I never noticed. My last black kitty (who was so affronted that we moved that SHE moved down the road — I was just relieved to find out she was still alive) had a little patch on her belly which I thought looked like a bikini.

  6. Hi! Just dropping in on all the contestants from Hannah’s printer contest. My what a patient kitty you have there. My cats would never sit still long enough for me to put something on them! LOL. Anyway, nice photo series.

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