Disapproving cats disapprove

A couple weeks ago, Limedragon sent me a stuffed black cat that she’d found whilst cleaning her place. Thanks, Limedragon! I wonder why you thought of me… ­čśë

It’s a pretty cool black cat, designed to lurk on top of something. I placed it on top one of the bookcases and I’ve mostly stopped being startled by it whenever I walk in or out of the room and notice it out of the corner of my eye.

“Mayhem, how the heck did you get up… oh, never mind.” -me

However, not everyone seems to approve of this new cat.

“I feel so betrayed.” -Chaos

“Mom, why?! Why did you get another kitty? Don’t you love us anymore? And why does that kitty get to go up on top of the bookcase, when we can’t? I really don’t think that’s fair at all.” -Mayhem