Disapproving cats disapprove

A couple weeks ago, Limedragon sent me a stuffed black cat that she’d found whilst cleaning her place. Thanks, Limedragon! I wonder why you thought of me… 😉

It’s a pretty cool black cat, designed to lurk on top of something. I placed it on top one of the bookcases and I’ve mostly stopped being startled by it whenever I walk in or out of the room and notice it out of the corner of my eye.

“Mayhem, how the heck did you get up… oh, never mind.” -me

However, not everyone seems to approve of this new cat.

“I feel so betrayed.” -Chaos

“Mom, why?! Why did you get another kitty? Don’t you love us anymore? And why does that kitty get to go up on top of the bookcase, when we can’t? I really don’t think that’s fair at all.” -Mayhem

36 thoughts on “Disapproving cats disapprove”

  1. Holy shananagins… I see a riot coming on soon… Kitties do not look happy at all about the invasion of new kitty… Humm, I see evil thoughts dancing around their minds… You better watch your back Chris, that’s all I’m saying, **insert evil kittie laughter**

    Don’t worry babies… Auntie Ceal still loves you…
    Hope you had a great weekend hon!

  2. That reminds me of The Giant Gold Head. My mother bought this god-awful gold bust of a woman’s head and shoulders (it has like, no facial expression at all and reminds me of a mannequin) and put it on top of our armoire (sp?) in the living room. I nearly had a heart attack when I came home that night and saw that thing peering at me from the shadows.

  3. very cool cat indeed.
    and that was my first thought exactly, that the kids would be totally jealous of it’s superpowers that lifted it to the very tippy top bookshelf 😉

  4. LOL, about Mayhem and Chaos’s feelings for the new kitty and being startled by it yourself.

    Many years ago I got my son a very large Bagheera (from Jungle Book) at Disney World. He still has it and it sits at the top of his bookcase just like you have your new stuffed kitty.

  5. Mine…Mine I tell you…Do not enter, Do not pass Go…You Are Not Welcome!!!

    Gotta love a feline stand-off!!!

  6. Poor guys. I think you need what my friends affectionately called Freezer Cat, a stuffed black cat that was made from a rigid plastic (like it was frozen) covered with a layer of furry fuzz. It was very realistic.
    .-= Seanna Lea´s last blog ..new family member =-.

  7. Cute! the black soft toy cat in competition with the other cats…
    Wonder how jealous they’ll get of it being sooo realistic…

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