In which I discuss stories about black cats and include a knitting picture

  • I think I’m only going to have nightmares about one or two cases.
  • Forgot about that one! I actually have Catnap, the first book, which combines knitting and black cats.
  • Then I remembered another black cat book – a free ebook by Cat Johnson called Black Cat.

  • Mayhem’s definitely not old enough to read that one!
  • Speaking of knitting (I did! Really! Look back a few bullets and you’ll see!), some of you have expressed concern that I no longer knit.
  • Not true!
  • I do still knit, albeit very, very, very slowly.
  • I continue to have neck and back pain; knitting for more than very short periods definitely aggravates things.
  • So, allow me to present the Eternal Sock of Eternity that I’ve been working on for, um, six weeks or so.
  • I’ve started the cuff ribbing!
  • Why, yes, this is the first sock of a pair.
  • What’s your point?

“What the heck is that thing on the floor?!” -Chaos

“Oh, look, unattended yarn. My favorite!” -Mayhem

The yarn is Trekking 100 and the stitch pattern is Charade. I think. It’s been such a long time since I started it… 😉