Thank you all so much – your supportive comments have been wonderful to read! *sniff* I love you guys. You know that, right? Hugs for everyone!Deb posted about our Saturday dyeing adventures, too.

Yesterday evening I went over to Depth of Field to pick up some yarn for MrsPao, who’s running a bit short for a project. Of course, I ended up buying a bit of yarn for myself…

“Psssst – May, can you believe that Mom bought more yarn?! Sheesh.” -Chaos

“I know, big kitty! She’s outta control.” -Mayhem

I walked from Depth of Field out onto the 10th Avenue Bridge because I really just needed to see the remnants of the 35W Mississippi River Bridge for myself. Things have been cleaned up a lot and virtually all of the bridge decking has been removed, but it was still eerie to see the empty space. (Plus I’m sure I saw Mayor R.T. Rybak out there.)

I’ll take the highway, across the river

And down through the valley, around the bend

And here’s to my disgrace, if disgrace is what you call it

And I’ll take the highway out of this place

– Ben Weaver, “Here’s To My Disgrace