Words in the willow

Do you think Chaos might’ve suspected something was up when I was packing?

“If I sit on her bag, she can’t pack and leave. Ha! I foiled her but good.” -Chaos

Poor Chaos.

While I was up north over the weekend, we went to Goods from the Woods in Grand Rapids.

It turned out to be a great place to find holiday presents for certain hard-to-shop-for family members. None of said presents will be pictured for obvious reasons, but here were a few things that intrigued and amused. (I did pick up one or two things for myself and I’ll post about them later in the week!)

47 thoughts on “Words in the willow”

  1. My Shih Tzu usually goes with us on trips to visit family and such and whenever we go somewhere she pretty much sleeps on our suitcase (or in it depending on whether we left it open) until we leave. She doesn’t want to risk getting left behind!

  2. Hee hee, I love those signs (Wipe yer hooves!).

    You know, Atticus just runs and sulks whenever I bring out my suitcase. Gandalf hasn’t quite figured it out yet, and Mae won’t let me forget the nearly 3 weeks I spent in Morocco 4 years ago. She just sits there and WHINES.

  3. And what did you get the kitties? The dogs have the husband trained! He always brings home a “doggy bag” when he goes away, which is like 45 weeks in a year.

  4. They just don’t have things like that down here. They did when I lived in Indiana though. One of their big fairs was built around maple. They showed you how to tap the trees and make maple candy. They had maple candles, maple teas, and even carved maple tree furniture. It was awesome.

  5. LOL at the moose signs! Honey and beeswax candles are a good combination. I like the candles with the leaves on them. Katie does the same thing whenever I go out of town.

  6. looks like it was a lot of fun. i love seeing all the creative things people come up with at shops like those.
    poor chaos – hopefully may kept him entertainied while you were gone.

  7. Was the bear holding up the glass top coffeetable $395 or was there a thousands number in there? Because if it were the former, I might have to forego the current state of austerity here at Chez Kat and snap up that bear for mine own. (Bears are popular around here.)

  8. Wonderful, I’ve never seen that event before! If you went to the Civic center you were less than a block away (seriously) from the house I grew up in 😉 Glad you had fun!

  9. Ah yes, shopping “Up Nort” – gotta love it! Heh – my little Hooter Bear never met a suitcase she didn’t want to be zipped up into. Little smarties…

  10. took me a second to register what the bear coffee table actually WAS. My brain needed a brief pause to decode.
    Looks like a fabulous place for pressi hunting.

  11. Actually Chaos was planting hairs over your clothing so you wouldn’t miss ‘im so much! I keep finding the stray kitty we have been letting inside sleeping in hubby’s backpack and suitcase.

  12. Isn’t that the way of it? Mister C–next time, take a risk and stay IN the bag for the weekend. Your dish will continue to be full and you WILL survive a QUIET car ride. We promise. Our favorite spots? Laps, footwells and the back window. Really, it’s ok. Once “we” get to something called “35”–it’s smooth sailing from there. We double mouse dare you…..

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