In which you’ll find links to all sorts of free holiday music

Earlier in the week, I mentioned that I was feeling the holiday spirit on Saturday and listening to gwfgwf (generic winter festive gathering with food, coined by Superguppy Kat) music on my laptop. Of course, since my musical taste is eclectic at best, you wouldn’t be familiar with at least 95% of my gwfgwf music. But if you’re tired of the usual old Christmas songs, I’ve listed a few places you can check to expand your holiday music repetoire.

  • For a highly irreverent (and free!) holiday album, head over to Suburban Sprawl. This year’s album features such songs as “Santa Just Crashed into My House and He’s Drunk as F*ck!” by Arranged Marriage and “Stomach Flu for Xmas” by the Smoots. Keep scrolling down for mixes from previous years, back to 2002.
  • The Wiggly Tendrils are giving away A Very Wiggly Winter EP, including a song called “Sheepish Magnetism” about a sheep thinking deep thoughts while its shepherds are following a star…

“And now I’ll yowl you a few verses of my favorite holiday song: ‘My Mom’s Too Mean To Buy Us a Cat Gym Christmas Tree.'” -Chaos